Filipino actresses who deceased at age 45

Here are 2 famous actresses from Philippines died at 45:

Helen Vela

Helen Vela (October 31, 1946 Manila-February 14, 1992 Rochester) a.k.a. Helen P. Vela was a Filipino actor, television show host and radio personality. She had four children, Reuben Punzalan, Paolo Punzalan, Princess Punzalan and Meg Punzalan.

Helen Vela started her career in the entertainment industry as a radio broadcaster in 1964 at DZRH, one of the leading radio stations in the Philippines. She became very popular with her distinct and melodious voice, which led her to become a television host in the 1970s. She also appeared in various Philippine movies, including the popular film "Nakaw na Pag-ibig."

Aside from being a talented broadcaster and actor, Vela was also known for her advocacy work. She was actively involved in various charitable activities and campaigns, particularly those aimed at helping the poor and underprivileged Filipino children. Her commitment to social work earned her numerous accolades and recognition throughout her career.

Unfortunately, Vela's life was cut short when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1991. Despite undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she lost her battle with the disease on Valentine's Day in 1992 at the age of 45. Her death was a great loss not only to her family and loved ones but to the entire entertainment industry and the Philippines as a whole. Nevertheless, her legacy lives on to this day, as she continues to inspire and touch the lives of many Filipinos.

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Rio Diaz

Rio Diaz (August 14, 1959 Manila-October 4, 2004 Daly City) also known as Rosario Diaz or Rio Diaz-Cojuangco was a Filipino actor. She had three children, Claudia Diaz Cojuangco, Jaime Diaz Cojuangco and Ali Diaz Cojuangco.

She died in colorectal cancer.

Rio Diaz was known for her work in the Philippine entertainment industry during the 1980s and early 1990s. She starred in several films and television dramas, including "Kaliga" and "Alabang Girls." She was also a singer and released her self-titled album in 1981. Apart from her acting career, Diaz was also involved in politics and was an advocate for women's and children's rights. She ran for public office multiple times, but was unsuccessful in her bids for election. Diaz's battle with colorectal cancer was widely covered by the media, and her death at the age of 45 was a great loss to the industry and her fans.

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