Filipino actresses who deceased at age 66

Here are 1 famous actresses from Philippines died at 66:

Ama Quiambao

Ama Quiambao (January 19, 1947 Bacacay-July 5, 2013 Quezon City) also known as Amable Quiambao, Amable "Ama" Quiambao or Amable Quiambao-Viray was a Filipino actor. She had one child, Ishmael Viray.

Throughout her acting career, Ama Quiambao performed in numerous award-winning films, television shows, and theatre productions. She was known for her memorable performances in critically acclaimed films such as "Oro, Plata Mata," "Himala," and "May Nagmamahal Sa'yo." Furthermore, her work in television dramas such as "Mula Sa Puso" and "Oki Doki Doc" further cemented her status as a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry. Ama Quiambao also showcased her talent in theatre productions and was a member of the Philippine Educational Theater Association. Aside from her acting career, she was also a faculty member at the Fine Arts Department of the University of the Philippines for more than two decades.

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