Filipino music stars who deceased at age 26

Here are 1 famous musicians from Philippines died at 26:

Tyron Perez

Tyron Perez (September 14, 1985 Concepcion, Tarlac-December 29, 2011 Valenzuela) also known as Jojo Perez, Tyrone Perez, Tyronne Perez, Jojo Malonzo Perez or Jojo Malonzo "Tyron" Perez was a Filipino actor and model.

Perez started his acting career in 2007 and became known for his roles in the films "Sundo" and "Huling Araw ng Linggo," as well as the TV series "May Bukas Pa" and "Be Careful With My Heart." He was also a contract artist of ABS-CBN network.

Aside from his acting career, Perez was also a successful model, appearing in various magazines, billboards and fashion shows.

Perez's death came as a shock to the entertainment industry and his fans. His passing sparked conversations about mental health awareness and suicide prevention in the Philippines.

In honor of his memory, the Tyron Perez Memorial Golf Tournament is held annually to raise funds for the benefit of the actor's family and to promote mental health awareness.

Tyrone Perez was born as Jojo Malonzo Perez in Concepcion, Tarlac, Philippines. Prior to his acting career, he worked as a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines. His good looks and charisma caught the attention of talent scouts, leading him to enter the entertainment industry. Perez was known for his charming personality and professionalism, earning him a positive reputation among his colleagues and peers.

Aside from his work in entertainment, Perez was also an advocate for animal rights. He actively supported organizations that aimed to promote animal welfare and rescue. He also had a particular love for dogs, with his pet Chihuahua often accompanying him to events and shoots.

Perez's untimely death left a lasting impact on those who knew him, and his legacy continues to be remembered by his fans and loved ones. The annual Tyron Perez Memorial Golf Tournament serves as a testament to the impact he made in the lives of those he touched, and a reminder to prioritize mental health in a society that often neglects it.

After Tyron's death, his family and friends established the Tyron Perez Foundation, which aims to continue his advocacy for animal welfare and mental health awareness. The foundation provides support for animal rescue shelters, sponsors animal-oriented activities and events, and offers mental health workshops and seminars. The foundation also awards scholarships to deserving students who aspire to pursue careers in fields related to animal welfare and mental health. Tyron's legacy lives on through the foundation's efforts, which continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Despite his shortened career, Tyron's talent and impact have left a lasting impression on the Philippine entertainment industry and the people he worked with.

Tyron Perez's sudden death shocked not only the entertainment industry but also the wider public in the Philippines. His passing shed light on the issue of mental health, which was still a taboo subject in the country at the time. Tyron's death spearheaded a movement to advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. His family, friends, and colleagues took it upon themselves to promote this cause and encourage people to prioritize their mental health.

In addition to his notable career in acting and modeling, Tyron was also a proud father to his son Ethan. He doted on his son, and his Instagram account was filled with pictures of them together. Despite his hectic schedule, Tyron always made time for his family, and they were his primary motivation for working hard.

Tyron's work in the industry was not only limited to acting and modeling; he was also involved in producing independent films. He co-produced the film "Perla," which was a tribute to his hometown of Concepcion, Tarlac. The film received positive reviews and was an official selection of the 2009 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Despite his short stint in the industry, Tyron Perez's charisma and talent left an indelible mark on those who knew him. His legacy continues to live through his work and advocacy, and his memory is kept alive by the people whose lives he has touched.

He died in suicide.

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