Filipino music stars who deceased at age 64

Here are 6 famous musicians from Philippines died at 64:

Fred Ruiz Castro

Fred Ruiz Castro (September 2, 1914 Laoag-April 19, 1979 India) was a Filipino lawyer and judge.

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Vic Vargas

Vic Vargas (March 28, 1939 Philippines-July 19, 2003 Pasay) also known as Jose Maria Marfori Asuncion, Victor Vargas, Pinggoy or Jose Maria Mafori Ascuncion was a Filipino actor.

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Cipriano Primicias, Sr.

Cipriano Primicias, Sr. (September 14, 1901 Alcala, Pangasinan-September 25, 1965 Quezon City) also known as Cipriano Primicias, Sr., Cipriano Primicias or Cipriano P. Primicias, Sr. was a Filipino lawyer and politician.

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Fortunato Borbon

Fortunato Borbon (February 28, 1890 Batangas City-March 25, 1954 Matabungkay) was a Filipino politician.

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Alicia Vergel

Alicia Vergel (June 7, 1927 Ermita-May 20, 1992 Manila) also known as Erlinda Gaerlan Asturias was a Filipino actor. She had three children, Ace Vergel, Beverly Vergel and Mike Vergel.

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Zaldy Zshornack

Zaldy Zshornack (December 30, 1937 Manila-November 18, 2002 Muntinlupa) also known as José Rizaldy Zshornack, Zaldy Zshornach, Zaldy Zshornak or Zaldy Zschornack was a Filipino actor. He had two children, Cristine Zshornack and Geno Zshornack.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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