Filipino music stars died as a result of Stabbing

Here are 1 famous musicians from Philippines died in Stabbing:

Teddy Diaz

Teddy Diaz (April 1, 1963-August 21, 1988 Quezon City) a.k.a. Teodoro de Villa Diaz or Teodoro "Teddy" de Villa Diaz was a Filipino musician, guitarist and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Post-punk, Heavy metal and New Wave.

Teddy Diaz was a founding member of the band The Dawn in 1985, along with lead vocalist Jett Pangan and bassist Carlos Balcells. The band quickly gained popularity in the Philippine music scene, with hits such as "Enveloped Ideas," "Salamat," and "Iisang Bangka." Diaz's guitar skills were recognized not just in the Philippines, but also internationally, as he was featured in several guitar magazines.

Aside from his work with The Dawn, Diaz also collaborated with other musicians and bands, such as Joey Ayala, Wally Gonzalez, and Razorback. He was known for his innovative and experimental approach to guitar playing and was considered as one of the most influential Filipino musicians of his time.

Diaz passed away in 1988 at the young age of 25 due to a heart attack, but his legacy in the Philippine music industry lives on. In 2013, The Dawn was inducted into the prestigious Philpop Music Festival Hall of Fame, with Diaz being recognized as one of the main contributors to the band's success.

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