Finnish actors born in 1959

Here are 5 famous actors from Finland were born in 1959:

Renny Harlin

Renny Harlin (March 15, 1959 Riihimäki-) also known as Lauri Mauritz Harjola, Renny Lauri Mauritz Harjola or Lauri Harjola is a Finnish film director, film producer, actor, television director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He has one child, Luukas Mattison Mauritz.

Harlin began his career in the Finnish film industry before making his way to Hollywood. He is best known for directing big-budget action films such as "Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger", and "Deep Blue Sea". He has also directed dramas and horror films such as "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Exorcist: The Beginning". Harlin has worked with notable actors including Sylvester Stallone, Geena Davis, and Samuel L. Jackson. In addition to filmmaking, he has also directed episodes of popular television shows such as "Burn Notice" and "Lethal Weapon". Harlin has won several awards for his work, including the Best Director prize at the Sitges Film Festival for his film "Prison".

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Kunto Ojansivu

Kunto Ojansivu (December 22, 1959 Rovaniemi-) is a Finnish actor.

He has appeared in numerous Finnish films, television series and theater productions. Ojansivu began his acting career on stage in the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki. He has since gone on to feature in several popular Finnish television series, including "Salatut elämät," "Syke," and "Kotikatu." In addition to his work on screen and stage, Ojansivu has also lent his voice to several Finnish-language dubbed versions of foreign films. He has received critical acclaim for his performances, having been nominated for several awards throughout his career. Ojansivu is also known for his work as a director and producer, having directed several television series and feature films. Despite his success, Ojansivu is known for his humility and dedication to his craft.

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Taneli Mäkelä

Taneli Mäkelä (March 10, 1959 Espoo-) also known as Taneli Makela or Mäkelä, Taneli is a Finnish actor, singer, television director and screenwriter.

He began his acting career in the 1980s, appearing in Finnish television shows and films. Mäkelä gained critical acclaim for his role in the 1990 film "The Winter War" and continued to act in popular Finnish films throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Alongside acting, Mäkelä is also a successful musician and has recorded several albums. He has also directed and written several television shows and films, including "Black Widows" and "The Dumb Bunnies." Mäkelä is considered one of the most versatile and talented performers in Finnish entertainment.

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Juha Veijonen

Juha Veijonen (August 29, 1959 Helsinki-) also known as Juha ”Vexi” Veijonen is a Finnish actor.

He has appeared in numerous Finnish movies and TV series, including "Bad Boys" (1989), "Häjyt" (1999), and "Kummeli Stories" (1995-1997). Veijonen is also a prominent voice actor in Finland, having provided voices for popular animated characters such as Mushu in "Mulan" and Timon in "The Lion King". In addition to his acting career, Veijonen is also a singer and has released several albums. He is known for his charity work, particularly for his involvement in the Finnish fundraising event "Unelmien Peili" which supports children with serious illnesses. Veijonen has won numerous awards for his contributions to Finnish culture and entertainment, including the Pro Finlandia medal in 2012.

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Matti Rönkä

Matti Rönkä (September 9, 1959 Outokumpu, Finland-) is a Finnish writer and actor. He has one child, .

Rönkä graduated from the Theatre Academy of Finland in 1986 and worked as an actor in several theaters, including the Helsinki City Theatre and Tampere Theatre. In 1998, he published his first novel, "Manalainen," which won the Finnish crime novel of the year award. Rönkä has since written several successful crime novels featuring his detective character, Viktor Kärppä. His work has been published in Finland, Sweden, and other European countries. In addition to his writing, Rönkä has also worked as a scriptwriter and director for television and film. He is known for his gritty and realistic depiction of crime and society in his novels.

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