Finnish actors born in 1971

Here are 7 famous actors from Finland were born in 1971:

Peter Franzén

Peter Franzén (August 14, 1971 Keminmaa-) otherwise known as Peter Wilhelm Franzén, Peter Franzen, Peter Frazén or Pete is a Finnish actor. He has one child, Diego Aaron Vilhelm Franzén.

Jani Volanen

Jani Volanen (November 1, 1971 Helsinki-) also known as Julmahuvi or Jani Kristian Volanen is a Finnish film director, actor, screenwriter and television director.

Lars Canty

Lars Canty (March 12, 1971 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor, art director and film producer.

Kari Ketonen

Kari Ketonen (August 16, 1971 Espoo-) also known as Kari Mikael Ketonen is a Finnish actor, screenwriter and psychotherapist.

Tobias Zilliacus

Tobias Zilliacus (September 30, 1971 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor and screenwriter.

Paavo Kerosuo

Paavo Kerosuo (September 1, 1971 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor and voice actor.

Marc Gassot

Marc Gassot (December 28, 1971 Kuopio-) is a Finnish actor.

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