Finnish actors died at age 62

Here are 2 famous actors from Finland died at 62:

Elis Sella

Elis Sella (September 25, 1930 Viipuri Province-December 8, 1992 Helsinki) a.k.a. Elis Elieser Salutskij or Eelis Sella was a Finnish actor. His children are Ariel Sella and Ilana Sella.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

Elis Sella began his acting career in the 1950s, appearing in productions like "Tuhlaajapoika" and "Tanssi yli hautojen". He went on to become a prolific actor, appearing in dozens of films and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include his portrayal of Esa in "Maa on syntinen laulu" and Kustaa in "Tuntematon sotilas".

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Sella was also a well-respected theater actor. He performed at the Finnish National Theatre, the Helsinki City Theatre, and the Tampere Theatre, among others.

Sella was married twice, first to Mirjam Marttinen and later to director Liisi Tandefelt. He had two children with Marttinen, Ariel Sella - also an actor - and Ilana Sella.

Despite his success as an actor, Sella struggled with cocaine addiction for much of his life. He was open about his struggles with addiction, and even wrote a memoir titled "Elis in Wonderland" about his experiences. Sella died in 1992 at the age of 62.

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Eero Roine

Eero Roine (February 10, 1904 Turku-June 8, 1966 Turku) a.k.a. Eero Rafael Roine was a Finnish actor. His children are called Esko Roine, Eila Roine, Liisa Roine and Olavi Roine.

Roine was known for his prolific career in theater, film, and television. He began his acting career in the 1920s, performing in numerous small theaters in Helsinki before joining the Finnish National Theatre in 1926. Roine quickly became one of the most celebrated actors of his time, earning critical acclaim for his performances in classics such as "Hamlet" and "Macbeth."

In addition to his theater work, Roine appeared in numerous Finnish films throughout the 1940s and '50s. Some of his most notable film roles include "Kultainen vasikka" (The Golden Calf) and "Juha." Roine continued to act in films and television shows until his death in 1966.

Roine was also a beloved public figure in Finland, known for his affable personality and charitable work. He was particularly involved in organizations dedicated to providing aid to children and those affected by poverty. Today, Roine is remembered as one of the most talented actors of his generation and an integral figure in Finnish cultural history.

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