Finnish actors died in 1976

Here are 2 famous actors from Finland died in 1976:

Valentin Vaala

Valentin Vaala (October 13, 1909 Helsinki-November 21, 1976 Helsinki) also known as Valentin Ivanoff, Vaala, Vaha or Valentin Ivanov was a Finnish film director, screenwriter, film editor and actor.

Vaala started his career in the film industry as a film editor in the early 1930s. He made his directorial debut in 1938 with the film 'Kultainen Kynttilänjalka' (The Golden Candlestick). He went on to direct over 50 feature films in his career, including 'Juha' (1956) which won him the Best Director award at the Moscow International Film Festival.

In addition to directing, Vaala was also a prolific screenwriter, having written scripts for over 20 of his own films. He was also known for his acting roles, appearing in several of his own films as well as in other Finnish films.

Vaala was widely recognized as one of the most influential figures in Finnish cinema during his lifetime. He received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the industry, including the Pro Finlandia medal in 1960. Even today, his films continue to be watched and appreciated by Finnish audiences.

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Aarne Tarkas

Aarne Tarkas (December 19, 1923 Pori-October 7, 1976 Spain) also known as Aarne Saastamoinen, Paukku-Arska or Bang-Arska was a Finnish actor, film director, screenwriter and television director.

He graduated from the Helsinki Workers' Theatre and made his film debut in 1948. Tarkas directed a total of 43 films and acted in more than 30. His films were known for their social commentary, humor and occasionally controversial themes. Tarkas worked closely with actor Spede Pasanen, and their collaborations became some of the biggest box office hits in Finland. Tarkas died in Spain in 1976 while working on the film "Revenge of the Living Dead". He is remembered as a pioneering figure in Finnish cinema, and his films continue to be popular with audiences in Finland.

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