Finnish actresses born in 1960

Here are 7 famous actresses from Finland were born in 1960:

Sanna-Kaisa Palo

Sanna-Kaisa Palo (July 25, 1960 Hämeenlinna-) also known as Sanna Palo is a Finnish actor. She has one child, Emmi Parviainen.

Sanna Palo is one of the most famous actors of her generation in Finland. She began her acting career in the early 1980s and quickly rose to fame thanks to her talent and versatility. She has acted in numerous films, television series, and theater productions in Finland and has won critical acclaim for her performances.

In addition to her acting career, Sanna Palo is also a trained singer and has performed in various musicals and cabaret shows. She has also worked as a voice actor and has lent her voice to several animated films and series.

Sanna Palo is known for her strong commitment to social issues and has been actively involved in various charity and humanitarian organizations over the years. She is also a passionate advocate for environmental protection and has been vocal about the need to take action to combat climate change.

Despite her busy schedule, Sanna Palo is a devoted mother and has always made time for her daughter Emmi. She has often spoken about the importance of balancing one's professional and personal life, and has set an example for many aspiring actors and mothers.

Sanna Palo's success as an actor has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations, including a Jussi Award, which is the Finnish equivalent of an Academy Award, for her lead role in the film "The Cuckoo" (Kukushka) in 2002. She has also been awarded the Order of the Lion of Finland, which is one of the highest honors in the country, for her contribution to Finnish culture through her acting career. In addition to her acting and singing career, Sanna Palo has also written and directed plays and short films. She is known for her creative vision and innovative approach to storytelling, and has inspired many aspiring artists to pursue their dreams. Sanna Palo continues to be an active presence in Finnish entertainment industry and is considered an icon in her country.

Sanna Fransman

Sanna Fransman (September 5, 1960 Tampere-) also known as Sanna Maaria Fransman or Sanna is a Finnish actor. Her child is called Konsta Väänänen.

Sanna Fransman began her acting career in the early 1980s, appearing in various Finnish television series and films. She received critical acclaim for her role in the 1998 film "The Collector" and went on to star in several other successful Finnish movies, such as "Bad Boys" and "Young Gods".

In addition to her work as an actor, Fransman has also directed short films and produced theatre productions. She is a well-respected figure in the Finnish entertainment industry, known for her versatile acting skills and dedication to the craft.

Fransman is a mother to one son, Konsta Väänänen. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors.

Sanna Fransman was born and raised in Tampere, Finland. She attended the Helsinki Theatre Academy, where she honed her acting skills and developed a love for the craft. Fransman's early work consisted of small roles in Finnish television series and films, but she quickly gained recognition for her talent and began landing more substantial roles.

In addition to her work in television and film, Fransman is also an accomplished stage actor. She has performed in numerous theatre productions throughout Finland, including leading roles in several plays. Her passion for theatre led her to start her own theatre company, which has produced critically acclaimed productions that have toured throughout the country.

Fransman's success as an actor has also led to opportunities as a director and producer. She has directed several short films and produced a variety of theatre productions, showcasing her versatility and creativity in multiple roles.

Outside of her professional life, Fransman is a dedicated mother to her son, Konsta Väänänen. She is known for her active lifestyle, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing. She is also passionate about environmental issues and has been involved in various initiatives focused on promoting sustainability and protecting the natural beauty of Finland.

Karita Mattila

Karita Mattila (September 5, 1960 Perniö-) a.k.a. Mattila, Karita or Karita Marjatta Mattila is a Finnish opera singer and actor.

Mattila is known for her powerful and emotional performances on stage, particularly in the roles of Richard Strauss and Giuseppe Verdi heroines. She started her career singing in choirs and studying at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki before making her professional debut in 1980 as Susanna in Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro."

Mattila has won numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including a Grammy Award for Best Classical Vocal Performance in 2002 for her recording of Kaija Saariaho's "L'amour de loin." She has also been inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame and the Finnish Music Hall of Fame. In addition to her operatic work, Mattila has also appeared in films and television series, including the 2009 movie "The Diva's Song."

Mattila's career has taken her to some of the most renowned opera houses in the world, including the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, and the Vienna State Opera. Her voice is known for its richness, clarity, and expressive power, which has earned her praise from audiences and critics alike. Mattila is also known for her dedication to the craft, often immersing herself in her roles and exploring the depth of the characters she portrays. In addition to performing, Mattila is also a respected teacher, having taught at the Sibelius Academy and the Manhattan School of Music. She continues to perform and inspire audiences around the world.

Anna Babitzin

Anna Babitzin (April 26, 1960 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor.

Anna Babitzin began her career in acting in the 1980s, taking on roles in theater productions before transitioning to television and film. She is best known for her work in Finnish television dramas, including her roles in the popular series "Punainen planeetta" and "Huone 302". Babitzin has received critical acclaim for her performances, earning a Jussi Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2011 film "Vuosaari". In addition to acting, she has also served as a voice actor for animated television series and films, and has worked as a drama teacher at the Helsinki Theatre Academy. Outside of her career in entertainment, Babitzin is known for her humanitarian work, particularly in support of refugees and asylum seekers.

She has volunteered with several organizations, including Finnish Refugee Council and UNICEF, and has been involved in advocacy efforts to improve the living conditions of refugees and to raise awareness about the challenges they face. Babitzin has also been recognized for her contributions to Finnish culture and society, receiving the Order of the Lion of Finland in 2018. In her personal life, she is married to musician Mikko Alatalo, and the couple has two children together. Babitzin is known for her down-to-earth demeanor and her passion for cooking, often sharing recipes and cooking tips with fans and followers. She remains active in the Finnish arts scene, continuing to act in film and television productions, as well as taking on roles in theater productions.

Tiina Pirhonen

Tiina Pirhonen (April 15, 1960 Helsinki-) also known as Tiia Pirhonen or Tiina Johanna Pirhonen is a Finnish screenwriter and actor.

Pirhonen graduated from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 1982 and began her career in acting. She has appeared in numerous Finnish TV shows and films, including the popular series "Uusi päivä" and "Kotikatu". In addition to acting, Pirhonen has also established herself as a successful screenwriter, known for her work on films such as "Rööperi" and "FC Venus". She has won several awards for her writing, including the Jussi Award for Best Screenplay. Pirhonen is also a member of the Finnish Film Foundation's Board of Directors and is actively involved in promoting and supporting Finnish cinema.

Pirhonen is known for her versatile talent and has proved her mettle as a stage actress as well. She has appeared in several plays, including "Rakkaus on näytelmä" and "Saalistajat" at the Komediateatteri in Helsinki. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Pirhonen has a keen interest in social issues and actively supports various charity organizations. She is particularly passionate about children's rights and has worked with organizations such as UNICEF Finland and the Finnish Red Cross to help children in need. Pirhonen is considered as one of the most talented and influential personalities in Finnish cinema and continues to inspire many young artists with her work.

Michelle Karen

Michelle Karen (January 18, 1960 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor.

She is best known for her work in theater, having appeared in numerous productions throughout Finland as well as internationally. Karen began her acting career in the 1980s, starting with roles in small productions before making her way to bigger productions. She has received critical acclaim for her performances and has won numerous awards for her work, including Finland's Jussi Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for her role in the film "Heartbeats". Alongside her acting career, she has also worked as a director and playwright, and has been involved in many cultural organizations. Outside of her career, Karen is known for her philanthropic work and has supported various charities over the years.

Throughout her career, Michelle Karen has gained recognition for her exceptional acting skills in a wide range of roles, from comedic to dramatic. She has worked with some of the most celebrated directors and actors in the industry, including Aki Kaurismäki, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, and Kati Outinen. Beyond her successful career in the arts, Karen is also an accomplished academic, having earned a Master's degree in theater studies from the University of Helsinki. She has served as a visiting professor at various universities and has written extensively on theater, exploring themes such as gender, identity, and social justice. Her contributions to Finnish and international theater have earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Order of the Lion of Finland in 2017 for her contributions to the arts and culture.

Heidi Herala

Heidi Herala (January 10, 1960 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor. Her children are called Lauri Maijala, Juhani Maijala, Inka Maijala and Eero Maijala.

Heidi Herala started her acting career in the late 1970s with small supporting roles in Finnish TV series and movies. She rose to fame in the 1980s with her lead roles in several popular Finnish films, including "Ariel" (1988) and "Night on Earth" (1991), directed by Jim Jarmusch. In addition to her work in film, Herala has also acted in numerous stage plays and TV dramas. She has received several awards for her acting, including the Jussi Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in "Ariel." Herala has been an advocate for environmental causes and animal rights, and has been involved in several charities over the years.

Heidi Herala has also worked as a director, writer, and producer. In 1997, she directed and co-wrote the film "Sulka" (Feather), which was selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival. She has also produced and directed several theater productions, and her play "Pellervo ja hänen palvelijansa" (Pellervo and His Servant) was staged at the National Theatre of Finland in 2008.

Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, Herala has been actively involved in politics. In the 1990s, she was a member of the Finnish parliament representing the Green League Party. She also served as the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki from 2000 to 2002.

Heidi Herala continues to act in films, TV shows, and stage productions, and is considered one of the most acclaimed actors in Finland. She is also involved in various environmental and animal rights organizations, and has campaigned for the protection of endangered species and the conservation of natural resources.

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