Finnish music stars born in 1983

Here are 9 famous musicians from Finland were born in 1983:

Mika Poutala

Mika Poutala (June 20, 1983 Helsinki-) also known as Plastic or Mika Poutala is a Finnish speed skater and athlete. He has one child, Eliel Poutala.

Mika Poutala began his career as a speed skater in 1991 when he joined Helsinki Skating Club. His international debut was in the 2002 World Junior Speed Skating Championships. Since then, he has won several medals in the World Cup tournaments and other international competitions.

Apart from speed skating, Poutala is also passionate about other sports such as football and ice hockey. He has played ice hockey for different Finnish teams, including KHL Medvescak Zagreb from Croatia. Poutala is also a music enthusiast and enjoys playing the guitar in his free time.

Off the field, Poutala is an advocate for environmental conservation, and he regularly participates in charity events to support various causes. In 2019, he participated in a charity event in Helsinki that aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm.

In addition to his successful career in sports, Poutala has also completed his master's degree in political science from the University of Helsinki. He is fluent in four languages, including Finnish, English, Swedish, and German.

In 2010, Mika Poutala achieved a major milestone in his career when he won a bronze medal in the men's 500 meters event at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. He had previously competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Poutala has also represented Finland in other major tournaments such as the World Single Distance Championships and the European Speed Skating Championships.

Despite facing several injuries and setbacks throughout his career, Poutala has always been known for his resilience and determination. He has also received numerous awards and recognitions for his achievements in sports, including the Finnish Sports Personality of the Year award in 2010.

Outside of sports, Poutala is an active social media user and often shares updates and photos with his fans. He has also participated in several television shows and reality competitions in Finland, including Dancing with the Stars and The Voice of Finland. In his personal life, Poutala is married to a Finnish model and influencer, Laura Poutala.

In addition to his bronze medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Mika Poutala has achieved several other notable accomplishments throughout his career. He won his first World Cup gold medal in the 500 meters event in 2007 and has since won multiple World Cup medals in both the 500 meters and 1000 meters events. He holds the Finnish national record for the 500 meters race, which he set in 2009 with a time of 34.32 seconds.

Off the ice, Poutala has also been involved in various business ventures. In 2013, he founded a company called Coil Innovation, which specializes in designing and manufacturing ice speed skates. The company has since become one of the leading brands in the global speed skating market. Poutala is also involved in the startup scene in Helsinki and has invested in several tech startups.

Despite his busy schedule, Poutala is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new destinations around the world. He has backpacked through South America, visited Japan, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Poutala is known for his outgoing and adventurous personality, and he often shares his travel experiences on social media.

Overall, Mika Poutala is a multi-talented athlete and entrepreneur who has achieved success both on and off the ice. He continues to inspire young athletes and entrepreneurs around the world and is widely respected for his dedication, passion, and perseverance.

In recent years, Mika Poutala has become increasingly involved in promoting mental health and wellbeing. In 2020, he founded a mental health and wellness company called Me4Life, which aims to provide coaching and support for individuals struggling with mental health issues. Poutala is open about his own struggles with depression and anxiety and hopes to use his platform to reduce the stigmas associated with mental health. He has also spoken publicly about his experiences with racism as a Finnish athlete of African descent and advocates for greater diversity and inclusivity in sports. Despite announcing his retirement from professional speed skating in 2021, Poutala continues to be an active athlete and frequently participates in marathons and other endurance events. He is also passionate about promoting healthy lifestyle habits and has published a book called "The Path to a Better Life" that offers tips and advice on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Jonne Aaron

Jonne Aaron (August 30, 1983 Tampere-) otherwise known as Jonne Aaron Liimatainen is a Finnish singer.

His most important albums: , and . Genres he performed include Glam rock.

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Matias Kupiainen

Matias Kupiainen (May 11, 1983 Helsinki-) is a Finnish musician, record producer and songwriter.

Genres: Grindcore, Progressive metal, Power metal, Jazz fusion and Neoclassical metal.

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Krista Kosonen

Krista Kosonen (May 28, 1983 Espoo-) also known as Krista Erika Kosonen is a Finnish actor and screenwriter.

She is best known for her roles in the TV series "Nurses" and "The Spiral". Kosonen graduated from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2009 and has since appeared in numerous Finnish films and television series. In addition to her acting career, she has also written screenplays for several short films. Kosonen has been recognized with several nominations and awards for her performances, including winning the Best Actress award at the Finnish Academy Awards in 2016 for her role in "The Midwife".

Kosonen has also appeared in international films, gaining recognition for her performance in Yorgos Lanthimos' "The Lobster" (2015), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. She has also appeared in the Netflix series, "Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood" (2020). Kosonen is known for her versatility in her acting roles and her ability to embody complex characters with ease. In addition to her work in the film industry, she has also worked as a theatre director and acted on stage. Kosonen is highly regarded within the Finnish entertainment industry and continues to be a prominent figure in film and television.

Krista Kosonen was born and raised in Espoo, Finland, and began her acting career at a young age, appearing in several plays and musicals. She continued to pursue acting throughout her education and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2009. Kosonen's first major role on television was in the Finnish drama series "Nurses" in 2004. She went on to star in the popular TV series "The Spiral" from 2012 to 2015, which brought her widespread recognition in her native Finland.

Kosonen's international breakthrough came with her role in Yorgos Lanthimos' critically acclaimed film "The Lobster" in 2015. The film was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and Kosonen's performance was highly praised by critics. She also appeared in the Finnish crime drama "Bordertown" in 2016 and 2019, which was released on Netflix in the US.

In addition to acting, Kosonen is also a talented screenwriter, having written screenplays for several short films. She also became a theatre director in 2018, directing a play based on the novel "Days of Abandonment" by Elena Ferrante.

Kosonen is known for her ability to portray a wide range of emotions and to immerse herself in complex characters, and has received critical acclaim for her work on both stage and screen. She has won several awards for her acting, including three Jussi Awards (the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars) and a Best Actress award at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Kosonen is highly regarded within the Finnish entertainment industry and continues to be a prominent figure in film and television, both in Finland and internationally. She is a strong advocate for women's rights and has spoken out about the gender pay gap in the entertainment industry.

Kosonen is also a fluent speaker of multiple languages, including Finnish, English, German, and French. Her language abilities have allowed her to work on international productions and to communicate with a wider range of people in the entertainment industry. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Kosonen is also involved in various humanitarian causes. She has worked with UNICEF and Save the Children to advocate for children's rights and education. Kosonen has also been involved in environmental activism and has spoken out about the need for sustainable practices in the film and television industry. With her talent, dedication, and passion for social justice, Krista Kosonen has become one of Finland's most respected and admired cultural figures.

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Ben Varon

Ben Varon (November 18, 1983-) is a Finnish , .

Genres: Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Olavi Uusivirta

Olavi Uusivirta (July 28, 1983 Helsinki-) also known as Uusivirta, Olavi is a Finnish singer, songwriter and actor.

Discography: Me ei kuolla koskaan, Minä olen hullu, Nuoruustango, Elvis istuu oikealla, Preeria, 27 suosikkia, , , and .

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H. Olliver Twisted

H. Olliver Twisted (May 19, 1983 Kuopio-) also known as Olli Herman Kosunen is a Finnish singer and musician.

Genres he performed include Hard rock and Glam metal.

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Aku Hirviniemi

Aku Hirviniemi (December 5, 1983 Riihimäki-) also known as Aku-Heikki Ilmari Hirviniemi or Aku Hirviniemi is a Finnish actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Annikki Hirviniemi and Tuulikki Hirviniemi.

His discography includes: Hahmo Shake, Suut makiaks! and Tortturalli.

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Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartiainen (March 20, 1983 Kuopio-) also known as Vartiainen, Jenni is a Finnish singer and musician.

Her discography includes: Seili, Ihmisten edessä, Mustaa kahvia, , , Terra, , , Tunnoton and . Genres related to her: Pop music, Folk music, Dance-pop and Synthpop.

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