Finnish music stars born in 1983

Here are 9 famous musicians from Finland were born in 1983:

Mika Poutala

Mika Poutala (June 20, 1983 Helsinki-) also known as Plastic or Mika Poutala is a Finnish speed skater and athlete. He has one child, Eliel Poutala.

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Jonne Aaron

Jonne Aaron (August 30, 1983 Tampere-) otherwise known as Jonne Aaron Liimatainen is a Finnish singer.

His most important albums: , and . Genres he performed include Glam rock.

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Matias Kupiainen

Matias Kupiainen (May 11, 1983 Helsinki-) is a Finnish musician, record producer and songwriter.

Genres: Grindcore, Progressive metal, Power metal, Jazz fusion and Neoclassical metal.

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Krista Kosonen

Krista Kosonen (May 28, 1983 Espoo-) also known as Krista Erika Kosonen is a Finnish actor and screenwriter.

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Ben Varon

Ben Varon (November 18, 1983-) is a Finnish , .

Genres: Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Olavi Uusivirta

Olavi Uusivirta (July 28, 1983 Helsinki-) also known as Uusivirta, Olavi is a Finnish singer, songwriter and actor.

Discography: Me ei kuolla koskaan, Minä olen hullu, Nuoruustango, Elvis istuu oikealla, Preeria, 27 suosikkia, , , and .

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H. Olliver Twisted

H. Olliver Twisted (May 19, 1983 Kuopio-) also known as Olli Herman Kosunen is a Finnish singer and musician.

Genres he performed include Hard rock and Glam metal.

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Aku Hirviniemi

Aku Hirviniemi (December 5, 1983 Riihimäki-) also known as Aku-Heikki Ilmari Hirviniemi or Aku Hirviniemi is a Finnish actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Annikki Hirviniemi and Tuulikki Hirviniemi.

His discography includes: Hahmo Shake, Suut makiaks! and Tortturalli.

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Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartiainen (March 20, 1983 Kuopio-) also known as Vartiainen, Jenni is a Finnish singer and musician.

Her discography includes: Seili, Ihmisten edessä, Mustaa kahvia, , , Terra, , , Tunnoton and . Genres related to her: Pop music, Folk music, Dance-pop and Synthpop.

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