French actors who were born in 1913

Here are 5 famous actors from France were born in 1913:

Jean Marais

Jean Marais (December 11, 1913 Cherbourg-Octeville-November 8, 1998 Cannes) also known as Jean-Alfred Villain-Marais, Marais, Maray or Jean Alfred Villain-Marais was a French actor, theatre director, writer, artist, sculptor, stunt performer, painter and visual artist. His child is called Serge Marais.

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René Clément

René Clément (March 18, 1913 Bordeaux-March 17, 1996 Monte Carlo) a.k.a. Rene Clement or M. Clement was a French film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Olivier Hussenot

Olivier Hussenot (September 10, 1913 19th arrondissement-August 25, 1978 Boulogne-Billancourt) also known as Hussenot, Oliver Hussenot, Olivier Marie-Andre Hussenot Desenonges, O. Hussenot or Olivier Marie André Hussenot-Desenonges was a French actor.

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Jean Daurand

Jean Daurand (June 21, 1913 Paris-March 11, 1989 Argenteuil) also known as Jean Charles Barniaud, J. Daurand or Daurand was a French actor.

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Peter J. Ortiz

Peter J. Ortiz (July 5, 1913 New York City-May 16, 1988 Prescott) also known as Peter Julien Ortiz, Pierre Julien Ortiz, Colonel Pierre (Peter) Julien Ortiz OBE or Sir Pierre (Peter) Julian Ortiz was a French soldier and actor. He had one child, Peter J. Ortiz, Jr..

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