French actors who were born in 1918

Here are 5 famous actors from France were born in 1918:

Jean-Roger Caussimon

Jean-Roger Caussimon (July 24, 1918 Paris-October 19, 1985 Paris) also known as J. R. Caussimon, Caussimon or J.R. Caussimon was a French actor and singer-songwriter. His children are called Raphael Caussimon and Céline Caussimon.

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Jacques Baratier

Jacques Baratier (March 8, 1918 Montpellier-November 27, 2009 Antony) a.k.a. Jacques Baratier de Rey or Jacques Barratier was a French screenwriter, film director and actor. His child is called Diane Baratier.

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Peter Hobbs

Peter Hobbs (January 19, 1918 Étretat-January 2, 2011 Santa Monica) also known as Peter S. Hobbs was a French actor.

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Alex Joffe

Alex Joffe (November 18, 1918 Alexandria-August 18, 1995 Paris) also known as Alex Jaffe, Alexandre Joffé or Alex Joffé was a French screenwriter, film director and actor. He had three children, Nina Joffe, Marion Joffe and Arthur Joffé.

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Victor Vicas

Victor Vicas (March 25, 1918 Moscow-December 9, 1985 Paris) was a French screenwriter, film director, television director, producer, actor and cinematographer.

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