French actors who deceased at age 53

Here are 11 famous actors from France died at 53:

Armand Kaliz

Armand Kaliz (October 23, 1887 Paris-February 1, 1941 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Armand Kalisz was a French actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

Armand Kaliz was born on October 23, 1887, in Paris, France. He began his acting career in his hometown and gained popularity through his work in French theatre productions. In 1915, Kaliz moved to the United States and made his debut on Broadway with the play "Mademoiselle Josette, My Woman." Soon after, he transitioned to film and starred in numerous silent films, including "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923) and "Beau Geste" (1926). Kaliz proved his versatility as an actor and made a smooth transition to talking pictures in the late 1920s. Throughout his career, he appeared in over 100 films, and his contribution to the entertainment industry was recognized when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sadly, Armand Kaliz died at the age of 53 due to a heart attack in Beverly Hills, California, on February 1, 1941.

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Jacques Villeret

Jacques Villeret (February 6, 1951 Loches-January 28, 2005 Évreux) also known as Jaques Villeret, Jacky Boufroura, Monsieur Villeret or Mohamed Boufroura was a French actor. He had one child, Alexandre Villeret.

He died in liver failure.

Villeret began his acting career on stage and appeared in many plays before transitioning to film in the 1970s. He became popular for his comedic roles and was considered one of the best comedic actors in France. One of his most famous roles was in the film "Dîner de cons" (The Dinner Game) in 1998, for which he won a César Award for Best Actor.

Aside from his work in film, Villeret also worked in television and theater. He was also a voice actor, lending his voice to numerous animated films and television shows.

Villeret struggled with alcoholism throughout his life and his health deteriorated in the early 2000s. He passed away at the age of 53, leaving behind a legacy as one of France's most beloved actors.

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Bourvil (July 27, 1917 Prétot-Vicquemare-September 23, 1970 Paris) also known as André Robert Raimbourg, André Bourvil or André Zacharie Raimbourg was a French singer and actor. He had two children, Dominique Raimbourg and Philippe Raimbourg.

He died in multiple myeloma.

Bourvil began his career in the 1940s as a cabaret singer, and his comedic talent quickly made him a popular performer. He went on to star in over 80 films, including classics like "Le Cercle Rouge" and "La Grande Vadrouille," which became one of the most successful French films of all time. He also had an extensive career in theater, performing in a number of plays throughout his life.

Bourvil was known for his warm and friendly demeanor, as well as his unique voice, which was often imitated by other performers. He was beloved by audiences across France and beyond, and remains a cultural icon to this day. Despite his fame, Bourvil remained humble and dedicated to his craft, and his influence can still be felt in the French entertainment industry today.

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Jean Claude Gilles Colson

Jean Claude Gilles Colson (January 16, 1725-November 19, 1778) was a French actor.

He was born in Paris, France and began his acting career at the age of 18. Colson quickly gained fame for his skills on stage and was often referred to as the "French Garrick". He became a member of the prestigious Comédie-Française in 1745 and went on to perform in many of its productions. Colson was known for his versatility and was able to perform in both tragic and comic roles, earning critical acclaim throughout his career. He retired from acting in 1777 and passed away a year later at the age of 53.

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Jacques Becker

Jacques Becker (September 15, 1906 Paris-February 21, 1960 Paris) also known as J. de Beauker or Becker was a French film director, screenwriter and actor. His children are Jean Becker, Etienne Becker and Sophie Becker.

Jacques Becker began his career as an assistant director and editor before making his directorial debut in 1934 with the film "Tire-au-Flanc". He directed a total of 18 feature films, including "Le Trou" (1960), which is considered one of his greatest works and a masterpiece of French cinema. Becker was known for his realistic and poetic portrayals of everyday life, particularly in working-class neighborhoods. He also worked as a screenwriter, collaborating with other notable French directors such as Jean Renoir and Jean-Pierre Melville. In addition to his film work, Becker was also an accomplished actor, appearing in several films throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Despite a relatively short career, Becker's contributions to French cinema have been widely recognized and praised, and he is considered one of the most influential directors of his generation.

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René Leprince

René Leprince (April 5, 1876 Sathonay-May 25, 1929 France) was a French film director, actor and writer.

Leprince first started his career as an actor in the theater before transitioning into filmmaking. He directed and acted in numerous films during the silent film era, and is best known for his adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel "The Mystery of the Yellow Room." Along with directing, Leprince also wrote screenplays and was heavily involved in production design. He was known for his attention to detail and his use of innovative camera techniques. Despite his relatively short career, Leprince made a significant impact on the early years of French cinema.

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Jacques Anquetil

Jacques Anquetil (January 8, 1934 Mont-Saint-Aignan-November 18, 1987 Rouen) was a French professional road racing cyclist and actor. He had one child, Sophie Anquetil.

He died as a result of stomach cancer.

Anquetil was widely regarded as one of the greatest cyclists of all time, having won the Tour de France five times, as well as numerous other major races. Known for his smooth, efficient riding style, he was also a pioneer of the use of aerodynamics in cycling, making use of specially designed handlebars and positions to minimize wind resistance. Anquetil was also a controversial figure, known for his sometimes abrasive personality and confrontational style with the media. In addition to his cycling career, he also appeared in several films, including the 1962 movie "La Route des Vacances." After retiring from cycling, he remained involved in the sport as a television commentator and team manager. Despite his success, Anquetil's life was not without its difficulties, and he struggled with alcoholism and personal problems throughout his later years.

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George Breakston

George Breakston (January 22, 1920 Paris-May 21, 1973 Paris) a.k.a. Georgie Breakston, George P. Breakston or George Paul Breakston was a French film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter, television producer and television director.

Breakston was born in Paris in 1920 to a family of Jewish immigrants from Russia. His family moved to the United States when he was young and he began his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor in Hollywood during the 1930s. Breakston later went on to direct and produce films, television shows and documentaries throughout his career, spanning four decades.

He also served in the United States Army during World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Breakston was also an avid art collector and philanthropist, donating a significant portion of his collection to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Breakston passed away in his hometown of Paris in 1973 at the age of 53. His legacy in the entertainment industry continues to be celebrated through the films, shows and documentaries he produced and directed.

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Gérard Hérold

Gérard Hérold (September 10, 1939 Mulhouse-August 19, 1993 Paris) a.k.a. Gerard Herold was a French actor.

He died in heart failure.

Hérold had a prolific acting career with over 70 film and television credits to his name. He made his debut in the film industry in 1960 with the movie "Les godelureaux". He went on to appear in notable films such as "Bob le Flambeur" (1956), "Weekend at Dunkirk" (1964), "Un éléphant ça trompe énormément" (1976), and "T'es fou Jerry" (1982). In addition to his film work, Hérold also had a successful career in French television. He starred in the popular police drama series "Les Cordiers, juge et flic" in the 1990s. Hérold was well-respected in the French acting community and his death was mourned by many.

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Xavier Gélin

Xavier Gélin (June 21, 1946 Paris-July 2, 1999 Paris) also known as Xavier Gelin was a French actor, film producer and screenwriter. He had one child, Hugo Gélin.

He died in cancer.

Xavier Gélin began his acting career in the 1970s and went on to work on several notable French films, including "Monsieur Klein" and "The Lacemaker". Gélin also produced films such as "Kennedy et moi" and "L'embellie". In addition to his work in the film industry, Gélin was known for his theater performances, including productions of works by Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. He was a member of the French film director and screenwriters collective group, Les Enragés. Despite suffering from cancer for many years, Gélin continued to work in the film industry until his death in 1999 at the age of 53.

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Louis Mercanton

Louis Mercanton (April 5, 1879 Nyon-April 29, 1932 Paris) also known as Louis Samuel Eugène Mercanton was a French film director, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Jacques Mercanton and Jean Mercanton.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

Mercanton began his career on stage as an actor before transitioning to film in the early 1900s. He was a prolific filmmaker, directing over 50 films from 1911 until his death in 1932. Some of his notable works include "The Ghost of the Tuileries", "The Shadow", and "The Secret of Rosette Lambert".

In addition to his directing work, Mercanton also acted in a few films and was a screenwriter. He collaborated with other well-known filmmakers of his time, including Abel Gance and Marcel L'Herbier.

During World War I, Mercanton served as a pilot in the French Air Force. He documented his experiences in a book, "La Guerre dans les Airs" (The War in the Air), which was published in 1917.

Despite his prolific career in film, Mercanton's works are not as widely known today as those of some of his contemporaries. However, he played an important role in the early development of French cinema and is remembered as a talented filmmaker and artist.

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