French actors who deceased at age 57

Here are 4 famous actors from France died at 57:

Pierre Clémenti

Pierre Clémenti (September 28, 1942 Paris-December 27, 1999 Paris) a.k.a. Pierre Clementi or Pierre Clement was a French actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, telegraphist, cinematographer, film editor, writer and voice actor. He had two children, Balthazar Clémenti and Valentin Clémenti.

He died in liver cancer.

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Yves Deniaud

Yves Deniaud (December 11, 1901 Paris-December 7, 1959 Le Vésinet) a.k.a. Deniaud or Yves Hyacinthe Deniaud was a French actor.

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Henri Garat

Henri Garat (April 3, 1902 Paris-August 13, 1959 Hyères) also known as Émile Henri Garascu, Émile Henri Camille Garassu, Garascu, Henry Garat or Henri garat was a French actor.

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Fernand Charpin

Fernand Charpin (June 1, 1887 Marseille-November 6, 1944 Paris) was a French actor.

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