French actors who deceased in 1952

Here are 4 famous actors from France died in 1952:

Charles de Rochefort

Charles de Rochefort (July 7, 1887 Port-Vendres-February 2, 1952 Paris) otherwise known as Charles de Roche, Charles d'Authier de Rochefort or Charles de Rocheford was a French actor and film director.

After studying law, Charles de Rochefort devoted himself to the theater where he performed in various plays, including works by Molière and Racine. In 1913, he made his film debut in the short comedy "The Mystery of the Fakirs". He went on to appear in over 60 films throughout his career, including "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928) directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer and "The Rules of the Game" (1939) directed by Jean Renoir.

In addition to his acting career, de Rochefort also directed several films, including "The Night is Ours" (1929) and "The Smile of the World" (1932). He also wrote screenplays for several films. De Rochefort was a member of the French Resistance during WWII, using his acting skills to help smuggle people across the border to Switzerland.

Charles de Rochefort died in Paris in 1952 at the age of 64. He is remembered for his contributions to French cinema and his bravery during wartime.

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Pierre Renoir

Pierre Renoir (March 21, 1885 Paris-March 11, 1952 Paris) also known as Renoir was a French actor. He had one child, Claude Renoir.

Renoir was the son of the famous Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and grew up surrounded by artists and intellectuals. Despite his artistic upbringing, he chose to pursue a career in acting and made his stage debut in 1908. He went on to become a popular actor in French cinema, appearing in over 80 films throughout his career.

Renoir was known for his charming and affable on-screen persona, often playing romantic leads or comedic characters. He worked with many notable French directors, including Jean Renoir (his nephew) and Marcel Carné.

In addition to his acting career, Renoir also served in World War I and later became a film director himself. He was awarded the Legion of Honor in recognition of his contributions to French cinema.

Renoir died in Paris at the age of 66, leaving behind a legacy as one of France's most beloved actors.

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Louis Verneuil

Louis Verneuil (May 14, 1893 Paris-November 3, 1952 Paris) also known as Louis Colin du Bocage or Louis Jacques Marie Collin du Bocage was a French actor, screenwriter and playwright.

Verneuil started off his career as an actor in the theater before venturing into screenwriting and playwriting. He wrote the screenplay for several films including "Les cinq sous de Lavarède" (1939), "Macao, l'enfer du jeu" (1942), and "Le Diable au corps" (1947). His stage plays were well-received and included "Jean de la Lune" (1929), "Caroline a disparu" (1938), and "Le Secret de Mayerling" (1948).

Verneuil also translated several foreign plays to French, including works by Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. He was a member of the prestigious Académie française and was awarded the Legion of Honor for his contribution to French literature and culture.

Verneuil passed away in Paris in 1952 at the age of 59. His legacy lives on with his acclaimed works in theater, film, and literature.

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André Lefaur

André Lefaur (July 25, 1879 Paris-December 5, 1952 Boulevard Raspail) a.k.a. Andre Lefaurichon was a French actor.

Lefaur was one of the most esteemed actors of his time and appeared in over 110 films. He started his career in the theatre and joined the famous Comédie-Française in 1908. After a successful stage career, he ventured into the movie industry in 1930 and quickly became known for his portrayals of elegant and sophisticated gentlemen. Lefaur worked with some of the most talented directors in France and acted alongside many other notable actors, including Jean Gabin, Fernandel, and Danielle Darrieux. In addition to acting, Lefaur was also a respected theatre writer and director. His contributions to French culture were recognized when he was awarded the Legion of Honour in 1949.

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