French actors who deceased in 1977

Here are 9 famous actors from France died in 1977:

Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert (February 4, 1900 Neuilly-sur-Seine-April 11, 1977 Omonville-la-Petite) also known as Jacques Prevert, Prévert, Jacques, Henri Marc Jacques Prévert or Jacques André Marie Prévert was a French writer, screenwriter, poet, actor and film score composer. He had one child, Michèle Prévert.

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Raymond Bernard

Raymond Bernard (October 10, 1891 Paris-December 12, 1977 Paris) was a French film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Marcel Duhamel

Marcel Duhamel (July 16, 1900-March 6, 1977) also known as M. Duhamel or Duhamel was a French actor.

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Jacques Tourneur

Jacques Tourneur (November 12, 1904 Paris-December 19, 1977 Bergerac) otherwise known as Jack Tourneur or Jack Turner was a French film director, television director, actor and film editor.

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Léonce Corne

Léonce Corne (March 18, 1894 Beauvais-December 31, 1977 Chartres) a.k.a. Leonce Horn, Horn, Corne or Leonce Corne was a French actor.

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Pierre Collet

Pierre Collet (March 10, 1914 Montrouge-October 30, 1977 Paris) also known as Pierre Colet or Collet was a French actor.

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Luc Andrieux

Luc Andrieux (February 17, 1917 Agon-Coutainville-November 26, 1977 France) also known as Luc Andrieu, Andrieux or Andrieu was a French actor and film director.

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Roland Toutain

Roland Toutain (October 18, 1905 Paris-October 16, 1977 Argenteuil) was a French actor, stunt performer and songwriter. He had one child, Jacques Maire.

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Henri Nassiet

Henri Nassiet (February 24, 1895 Bègles-April 16, 1977 Paris) also known as Henry Nassiet or Nassiet was a French actor.

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