French actors died because of Disease

Here are 1 famous actors from France died in Disease:

Daniel Duval

Daniel Duval (November 28, 1944 Vitry-sur-Seine-October 10, 2013 Paris) was a French actor, film director, screenwriter and television director. His child is called Cyril Duval.

Born to a working-class family, Daniel Duval left school when he was 14 to work in a factory. However, he discovered his passion for acting and made his debut on the stage in the early 1970s. He quickly became a prominent figure in French cinema, appearing in over 70 films during his career.

In addition to his work as an actor, Duval also had a successful career as a film director and screenwriter. He directed several films, including "The Murderers" (1984), which won the Best First Film award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Duval was known for his tough-guy roles and his charismatic onscreen presence. He worked with some of the most notable directors in French cinema, including Claude Lelouch, Bertrand Tavernier, and Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Unfortunately, Duval battled alcoholism and drug addiction throughout his life, and his struggles often impacted his career. He passed away in October 2013 at the age of 68. Despite the challenges he faced, Daniel Duval is remembered as a talented and influential figure in French cinema.

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