French actors died because of Myocardial infarction

Here are 48 famous actors from France died in Myocardial infarction:

Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau (July 5, 1889 Maisons-Laffitte-October 11, 1963 Milly-la-Forêt) also known as Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau, The Frivolous Prince, Jean Cocteau de l'Académie Française, Monsieur Jean Cocteau de l'Académie Mallarmé, Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau or Jean Maurice Eugène Cocteau was a French novelist, screenwriter, artist, poet, actor, film director, designer, playwright, filmmaker, voice actor and visual artist. He had one child, Edouard Dermithe.

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Yves Montand

Yves Montand (October 13, 1921 Monsummano Terme-November 9, 1991 Senlis) also known as Yves Montad, Y.Montant or Ivo Livi was a French actor, singer and hairdresser. He had one child, Valentin Montand.

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Jean Yanne

Jean Yanne (July 18, 1933 Les Lilas-May 23, 2003 Morsains) otherwise known as Feller, Johnny "Rock", Jean Roger Gouyé, Jean Gouyé or Jean Goué was a French actor, screenwriter, film director, film score composer, film producer, singer and comedian. He had two children, Jean-Christophe Gouyé and Thomas Gouyé.

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Louis de Funès

Louis de Funès (July 31, 1914 Courbevoie-January 27, 1983 Nantes) also known as Louis de Funes, Fufu, Louis Germain de Funès de Galarza, Louis Germain David de Funès de Galarza, De Funes, L. de Funès, de Funès or the man with the forty faces per minute was a French actor, screenwriter, pianist, film director, comedian and voice actor. He had three children, Daniel Charles Louis de Funès de Galarza, Olivier de Funès and Patrick Charles de Funès de Galarza.

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Jean-Pierre Aumont

Jean-Pierre Aumont (January 5, 1911 Paris-January 30, 2001 Gassin) also known as Pierre Aumont, Jean Pierre Aumont, Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons or Jean-Pierre Salomons was a French actor, screenwriter, soldier and playwright. He had three children, Patrick Aumont, Jean-Claude Aumont and Tina Aumont.

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Serge Reggiani

Serge Reggiani (May 2, 1922 Reggio Emilia-July 23, 2004 Boulogne-Billancourt) also known as Sergio Reggiani was a French singer, actor and painter. He had five children, Simon Reggiani, Karine Reggiani, Celia Reggiani, Maria Reggiani and Stéphan Reggiani.

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Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin (May 17, 1904 Paris-November 15, 1976 Neuilly-sur-Seine) otherwise known as Jean-Alexis Moncorgé, Jean Moncorgé, Alexis Moncourge, Jean-Alexis Moncorge or Jean Alexis Gabin Moncorgé was a French actor, singer, film producer and soldier. His children are called Florence Gabin, Valérie Moncorgé and Mathias Moncorgé.

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Eddie Constantine

Eddie Constantine (October 29, 1917 Los Angeles-February 25, 1993 Wiesbaden) also known as Eddy Constantine, Constantine, Eddie, Edward Constantinowsky, Israel Constantine or Eddi Constantine was a French singer and actor. His children are called Lemmy Constantine, Barbara Constantine, Tania Constantine and Mia Bella Marie Constanine.

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Patrick Topaloff

Patrick Topaloff (December 30, 1944 France-March 7, 2010 Paris) a.k.a. Topaloff, Patrick was a French singer, comedian and actor.

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Armand Kaliz

Armand Kaliz (October 23, 1887 Paris-February 1, 1941 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Armand Kalisz was a French actor.

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Jean Lefebvre

Jean Lefebvre (October 3, 1919 Valenciennes-July 9, 2004 Marrakesh) also known as Jean Lefevbre, Jean Lefèvre, Jean Lefevre or Jean Marcel Lefebvre was a French actor. He had five children, Catherine Lefebvre, Pascal Lefebvre, Bernard Lefebvre, Carole Lefebvre and Marie-Christine Lefebvre.

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Georges Delerue

Georges Delerue (March 12, 1925 Roubaix-March 20, 1992 Los Angeles) a.k.a. George Delerue, Georges DeLerue or The Mozart of cinema was a French film score composer, composer and actor. His child is called Claire Delerue.

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Boris Vian

Boris Vian (March 10, 1920 Ville-d'Avray-June 23, 1959 Paris) a.k.a. Vernon Sullivan, Vian, Boris, Dr. Boris Vian, Bison Ravi, Baron Visi or Brisavion was a French singer, journalist, playwright, writer, engineer and actor. He had one child, Patrick Vian.

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Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg (April 2, 1928 Paris-March 2, 1991 Paris) also known as S. Gainsbourg, Lucien Ginzburg, Gainsbarre, Julien Grix, Gainsbourg or Lucien Ginsburg was a French singer, poet, film director, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, composer, artist, film score composer, musician, visual artist, music artist and writer. His children are called Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lucien Gainsbourg, Natacha Gainsbourg and Paul Gainsbourg.

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Jean-Pierre Melville

Jean-Pierre Melville (October 20, 1917 Paris-August 2, 1973 Paris) also known as Melville, Jean Pierre Melville or Jean-Pierre Grumbach was a French film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor.

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Tony D'Amario

Tony D'Amario (May 28, 1961-June 29, 2005 Paris) was a French actor.

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Jean Del Val

Jean Del Val (November 17, 1891 France-March 13, 1975 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Jean Gautier, Jean Gauthier, Jean Jacques Gautier, Jean Del-Val, Jean Delval or Jean DeVal was a French actor.

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Pierre Brasseur

Pierre Brasseur (December 22, 1905 Paris-August 14, 1972 Bruneck) also known as Pierre Espinasse or Pierre-Albert Espinasse was a French actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Claude Brasseur.

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Xavier Saint-Macary

Xavier Saint-Macary (June 7, 1948 Orléans-March 13, 1988 Paris) also known as Xavier Saint Macary, Xavier St Macary or Xavier Macary was a French actor.

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Henri Verneuil

Henri Verneuil (October 15, 1920 Tekirdağ-January 11, 2002 Bagnolet) also known as Achod Malakian, Ashod Malakian or Ashot Malakian was a French film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer. He had four children, Patrick Malakian, Sophie Malakian, Gayane Malakian and Sevan Malakian.

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Jean-Louis Barrault

Jean-Louis Barrault (September 8, 1910 Le Vésinet-January 22, 1994 Paris) also known as Jean Louis Barrault, J.L. Barrault or Jean Barrault was a French actor, film director, mime artist, screenwriter and theatre director.

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Louis Jouvet

Louis Jouvet (December 24, 1887 Crozon-August 16, 1951 Paris) also known as Jules Eugène Louis Jouvet was a French actor, theatre director, film director, pharmacist and teacher. He had one child, Lisa Jouvet.

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Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe (May 28, 1888 Pottawatomie County-March 28, 1953 Lomita) also known as Wathahuck-Brightpath, James Thorpe, James Francis Thorpe, James Francis "Jim" Thorpe or Jacobus Franciscus Thorpe was a French sailor, baseball player, american football player and actor. He had eight children, Jim Thorpe Jr., John "Jack" Thorpe, Gale Thorpe, William Thorpe, Charlotte Thorpe, Grace Thorpe, Carl Thorpe and Richard Thorpe.

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Henri Vidal

Henri Vidal (November 26, 1919 Royat-December 10, 1959 Paris) a.k.a. Henry Vidal or Henri Lucien Raymond Vidal was a French actor.

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Roger Pigaut

Roger Pigaut (April 8, 1919 Vincennes-December 24, 1989 Paris) a.k.a. Roger Paul Louis Pigot was a French actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Francis Girod

Francis Girod (October 9, 1944 Semblançay-November 19, 2006 Bordeaux) was a French screenwriter, film director, actor, writer, television director and film producer.

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Michel Duchaussoy

Michel Duchaussoy (November 29, 1938 Valenciennes-March 13, 2012 Paris) also known as Michel René Jacques Duchaussoy or Michel Rene Jacques Duchaus­soy was a French actor.

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Quentin Elias

Quentin Elias (May 10, 1974 Mende-February 25, 2014 New York City) also known as Q was a French singer, pornographic film actor, model and actor.

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Jules Berry

Jules Berry (February 9, 1883 Poitiers-April 23, 1951 Paris) also known as Jules Peaufichet or Marie Louis Jules Paufichet was a French actor. His child is called Michèle Berry.

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Cyril Gardner

Cyril Gardner (May 30, 1898 Paris-December 30, 1942 Hollywood) also known as Cyril Gottlieb was a French actor, film director, film editor and screenwriter.

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Paul Frankeur

Paul Frankeur (June 29, 1905 Paris-October 28, 1974 Nevers) a.k.a. Paul Francoeur was a French actor. He had one child, Jean-Paul Frankeur.

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James Mason

James Mason (February 3, 1889 Paris-November 7, 1959 Hollywood) otherwise known as James P. Mason, Jimmy Mason, James Mason, James P. "Jim" Mason or Jim Mason was a French actor.

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Daniel Toscan du Plantier

Daniel Toscan du Plantier (April 7, 1941 Chambéry-February 11, 2003 Berlin) was a French film producer, actor, writer and teacher. He had five children, Carlo Toscan du Plantier, Maxime Toscan du Plantier, Tosca Toscan du Plantier, David Toscan du Plantier and Ariane Toscan du Plantier.

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André the Giant

André the Giant (May 19, 1946 Grenoble-January 27, 1993 Paris) a.k.a. Andre the Giant, André René Roussimoff, The 8th Wonder of the World, The Giant, The French Giant, The Gentle Giant, André Roussimoff, Géant Ferré, Giant Machine, Jean Ferré, Monster Eiffel Tower, Monster Roussimoff, "(The) Boss", "The Eighth Wonder of the World", Andre Rousimmoff, Jean 'The Giant' Ferre, Andre Rousimoff or André el Gigante was a French actor and wrestler. He had one child, Robin Christiansen.

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Maurice Biraud

Maurice Biraud (March 3, 1922 Paris-December 24, 1982 Paris) a.k.a. Bibi was a French actor.

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Fernand Sardou

Fernand Sardou (September 18, 1910 Avignon-January 31, 1976 Toulon) a.k.a. Sardou was a French actor, singer and screenwriter. His child is called Michel Sardou.

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George Archainbaud

George Archainbaud (May 7, 1890 Paris-February 20, 1959 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Georges Eugène Louis Marie Archainbaud was a French film director, television director, actor, film producer and writer.

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Jim Gérald

Jim Gérald (July 4, 1889 Paris-July 2, 1958 Paris) a.k.a. Gérald Ernest Cuénod, Jim Gerald or Gérald Ernest Cuenod was a French actor.

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Roger Planchon

Roger Planchon (September 12, 1931 Saint-Chamond, Loire-May 12, 2009 Paris) was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author and writer.

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Roland Blanche

Roland Blanche (December 31, 1943 Choisy-le-Roi-September 13, 1999 Thiais) a.k.a. Roland Lucien Blanche was a French actor.

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Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas (September 28, 1927 Gap-January 3, 1989 Paris) a.k.a. Robert Albert Louis Thomas or Робер Тома was a French writer, actor and film director.

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Francis Blanche

Francis Blanche (July 20, 1921 Paris-July 6, 1974 Paris) a.k.a. Francis Jean Blanche was a French actor, comedian, humorist, screenwriter, writer and singer. His child is called Jean-Marie Blanche.

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Yves Mourousi

Yves Mourousi (July 20, 1942 Suresnes-April 7, 1998 Paris) also known as Yves Stanislas Jean Benoît Marie Mourousi was a French actor.

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Louis Mercanton

Louis Mercanton (November 27, 1879 Nyon-April 29, 1932 Paris) also known as Louis Samuel Eugène Mercanton was a French film director, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Jacques Mercanton and Jean Mercanton.

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Didier Bienaimé

Didier Bienaimé (June 9, 1961 Troyes-August 7, 2004 Laguépie) also known as Didier Jean-Michel Serge Bienaimé was a French actor. He had three children, Maïlis Bienaimé, Mathis Bienaimé and Mégane Bienaimé.

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Alexis Kanner

Alexis Kanner (May 2, 1942 Bagnères-de-Luchon-December 13, 2003 London) also known as Henri Alexis Kanner, Henri Lucas or Henry Leroy was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor and film producer.

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Jean Chapot

Jean Chapot (November 15, 1930 Bois-Guillaume-April 10, 1998 Neuilly-sur-Seine) was a French screenwriter, actor, film director, television director and film producer.

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Jacques Pills

Jacques Pills (January 7, 1906 Tulle-September 12, 1970 Paris) also known as René Jacques Ducos or Jacques Ducos was a French actor. He had one child, Jaqueline Boyer.

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