French actresses who were born in 1924

Here are 6 famous actresses from France were born in 1924:

Ludmilla Tchérina

Ludmilla Tchérina (October 10, 1924 Paris-March 21, 2004 Paris) also known as Ludmilla Tcherina, Monika Tchemerzin, Monique Audran, Ludmila Tchérina or Monique Tchemerzine was a French actor, ballet dancer, sculptor, painter, choreographer and author.

Tchérina was born in Paris to a Ukrainian father and a French mother. She began studying ballet at the age of eight and later joined the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo at age 14. She became a principal dancer with the company and gained international recognition for her refined technique, dramatic range, and striking beauty.

In addition to her dance career, Tchérina also pursued acting and appeared in a number of films including "The Red Shoes" (1948) and "Carmen Jones" (1954). She also wrote fiction and poetry, and was a talented sculptor and painter.

Later in life, Tchérina opened her own dance school in Paris and continued to choreograph and perform into her 70s. She was decorated with the Legion of Honor and in 1998 was awarded the Prix du Brigadier for her contributions to French culture.

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Denise Darcel

Denise Darcel (September 8, 1924 Paris-December 23, 2011 Los Angeles) also known as Denise Billecard was a French actor, singer and stripper. Her children are called Craig Atkinson and Chris Atkinson.

Denise Darcel began her career as a dancer in Paris and later moved to the United States where she appeared in many films and television shows. Some of her notable films include "Tarzan and the Slave Girl," "Westward the Women," and "The Mississippi Gambler."

She was also a popular pin-up girl and appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in 1950. Darcel's talent as a singer was also recognized and she released her own album in the 1950s.

In addition to her work on screen, Denise Darcel was active in charitable causes and supported organizations for cancer research and veterans. She was also a Knight of the Legion of Honor, the highest honor in France.

Denise Darcel passed away at the age of 87 in Los Angeles.

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Zizi Jeanmaire

Zizi Jeanmaire (April 29, 1924 Paris-) a.k.a. Renée Marcelle Jeanmaire, Jeanmarie or Jeanmaire is a French singer, dancer, actor and ballet dancer. She has one child, Valentine Petit.

Zizi Jeanmaire was born in Paris in 1924 and began her career in ballet at the age of nine. She quickly rose to fame and became a soloist with the Paris Opera Ballet in 1946. In the 1950s, she transitioned to musical theater and starred in several successful productions on Broadway and in London's West End.

Jeanmaire was known for her signature style of combining ballet and jazz dance techniques, as well as her sultry singing voice. She collaborated with many well-known artists throughout her career, including choreographers Roland Petit and Maurice Béjart, and composers and songwriters Cole Porter and Serge Gainsbourg.

Beyond her live performances, Jeanmaire also appeared in several films throughout the 1950s and 60s, including the musicals "Anything Goes" and "Can-Can." In 1952, she married fellow dancer and choreographer Roland Petit, with whom she had her only child, Valentine Petit.

Jeanmaire continued to perform well into her 70s, receiving numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the arts. Today, she is remembered as a trailblazer in the world of dance and musical theater.

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Anne Vernon

Anne Vernon (January 7, 1924 Saint-Denis-) also known as Edith Antoinette Alexandrine Vignaud or Ann Vernon is a French actor.

After studying at the French National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Anne Vernon began her acting career in 1948 in the film "La Femme que j'ai assassinée". She quickly became a popular actress in French cinema throughout the 1950s and 1960s, working with notable directors such as Claude Chabrol, Jean Renoir, and Louis Malle. Some of her most well-known films include "The Wages of Fear" and "Les Enfants Terribles". In addition to her film career, Vernon has also worked extensively in French television, with appearances in popular shows such as "Maigret" and "Les Cinq Dernières Minutes". In 1993, she was awarded the Molière Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the theater production of "Papa". Vernon retired from acting in 2012, but remains a beloved figure in French cinema.

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Micheline Dax

Micheline Dax (March 3, 1924 Paris-April 27, 2014 Paris) otherwise known as Micheline Josette Renée Etevenon was a French actor and voice actor.

She began her career as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris before moving on to acting in film and television. Dax was known for her versatile talent and played a variety of roles, from dramatic to comedic, throughout her long career. In addition to her work on screen, she also had a successful career as a voice actor, dubbing films from English to French. Dax was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government in 2001 in recognition of her contributions to the arts.

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Catherine Arley

Catherine Arley (December 20, 1924 Paris-) a.k.a. Pierrette Pernot is a French novelist, actor, author and writer.

Arley was born in Paris and grew up in a literary household. Her father was a literary critic and her mother was a novelist. Arley began writing at an early age and published her first novel in 1950 under the pseudonym Catherine Arley. Throughout her career, she wrote more than 20 novels, many of which were bestsellers in France and were translated into multiple languages. Arley also acted in films and on television, including in the famous French film "The Four Hundred Blows" (1959) directed by François Truffaut. In addition to her writing and acting, Arley also worked as a journalist and illustrator. She won several literary awards in France, including the Prix des Libraires in 1953 and the Grand Prix de l'Humour Noir in 1989.

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