French actresses who deceased in 2000

Here are 4 famous actresses from France died in 2000:

Lila Kedrova

Lila Kedrova (October 9, 1918 Saint Petersburg-February 16, 2000 Sault Ste. Marie) also known as Lila Kedrowa, Lila Kédrova or Elizaveta Nikolayevna Kedrova was a French actor.

Born in Russia, Kedrova began her career as a ballerina before transitioning to acting. She appeared in numerous French films and TV shows, including the iconic film "Zorba the Greek" for which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1965. Kedrova continued to act both on stage and screen throughout her career, earning critical acclaim for her performances in both French and English productions. She worked with many notable directors and starred alongside other famous actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Quinn, and David Niven. In addition to her acting career, Kedrova was also a singer and published several recordings of her songs during her lifetime. She passed away in 2000 at the age of 81.

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Pascale Audret

Pascale Audret (October 12, 1936 Neuilly-sur-Seine-July 17, 2000 Brive-la-Gaillarde) also known as Pascale Aufrey or Pascale Aiguionne Louise Jacqueline Marie Auffray was a French actor. She had one child, Julie Dreyfus.

Pascale Audret began her acting career in the late 1950s, and quickly gained popularity in the French film industry. Some of her notable film credits include "Les Quatre Cents Coups" (The 400 Blows), "Le Doulos", and "La Guerre Est Finie". She was also a prominent stage actor and performed in a number of plays throughout her career.

In addition to acting, Audret was known for her personal life, particularly her relationships with prominent figures in the arts and entertainment industry. She was married to musician Michel Legrand, with whom she had a daughter named Stephanie, and also had a high-profile relationship with actor Alain Delon.

Sadly, Audret's life was cut short when she was involved in a fatal car accident in 2000. She was 63 years old at the time of her death. Despite her untimely passing, her contributions to the world of cinema and theater have left a lasting impact and inspired many aspiring actors and performers.

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Odette Joyeux

Odette Joyeux (December 5, 1914 Paris-August 26, 2000 Ollioules) was a French screenwriter, actor, playwright and novelist. Her child is called Claude Brasseur.

Odette Joyeux started as an actress in the 1930s and appeared in numerous French films, including "L'√Čternel Retour" (1943), which was directed by Jean Delannoy. She also starred in "Les Enfants Terribles" (1950), which was directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. In addition to her acting career, Joyeux was known for her writing. She wrote several plays, including "Women Are So Beautiful" and "The Prince of Darkness." She also wrote several novels, such as "The Lost Duchess" and "Love in the Shadows." Joyeux was married to French actor Pierre Brasseur from 1942 until their divorce in 1948. They had one son together, actor Claude Brasseur. Odette Joyeux continued to act and write throughout her life and passed away in 2000 at the age of 85.

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Greta Vaillant

Greta Vaillant also known as Greta Vajan, Gretta Vaillont, Greta Vajant, Greta Vayant or Greta Vayan was a French actor and author.

She was born on November 26, 1889 in Nantes, France. Vaillant began her acting career in the early 1900s and appeared in over 30 films in both France and the United States. In addition to acting, she also wrote several books, including a memoir titled "Theatre and Cinema."

Vaillant was known for her beauty and versatility as an actress, playing roles that ranged from dramatic to comedic. Some of her notable film credits include "The Exploits of Elaine" (1914), "The Naulahka" (1918), and "Parisian Love" (1925).

While Vaillant's career was successful, she faced personal challenges, including a difficult marriage and financial struggles. She retired from acting in the mid-1930s and focused on her writing instead.

Vaillant passed away on February 25, 1942 in Paris, France, at the age of 52. Despite her relatively short career, she left a lasting impact on the film industry and is remembered as a talented actor and writer.

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