French actresses died because of Suicide

Here are 11 famous actresses from France died in Suicide:


Dalida (January 17, 1933 Shubra-May 3, 1987 Paris) otherwise known as Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Yolande Christina Gigliotti, Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Dalila, Dalidà, Dali or Yolanda Gigliotti was a French singer and actor.

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Capucine (January 6, 1928 Saint-Raphaël-March 17, 1990 Lausanne) a.k.a. Germaine Lefebvre, Cappy, Cap, Germaine Hélène Irène Lefebvre or Germaine Lefébvre was a French model and actor.

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Karen Lancaume

Karen Lancaume (January 19, 1973 Lyon-January 28, 2005 Paris) also known as Karine Bach, Karen Lacombe, Karen Lacome, Karen Lacoume, Karen Lancom, Carene Lancome, Karen Lancoume, Angel Paris, Karen D., Caren or Lauren Del Rio was a French pornographic film actor and actor.

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Bella Darvi

Bella Darvi (October 23, 1928 Sosnowiec-September 11, 1971 Monte Carlo) a.k.a. Bayla Wegier was a French actor.

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Simone Mareuil

Simone Mareuil (August 25, 1903 Périgueux-October 24, 1954 Périgueux) also known as Simone Marevil, Marie Louise Simone Vacher, Simonne Mareuil or Simonne was a French actor.

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Maïa Simon

Maïa Simon (November 10, 1939 Marseille-September 19, 2007 Zürich) also known as Maia Simon was a French actor.

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Maryse Guy Mitsouko

Maryse Guy Mitsouko (November 27, 2014-March 1, 1995 Paris) also known as Mitzouko, Maryse Guy or Mitsouko was a French actor.

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Michèle Girardon

Michèle Girardon (August 9, 1938 Lyon-March 25, 1975 Lyon) also known as Michele Girardon or Michelle Girardon was a French actor.

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Christine Pascal

Christine Pascal (November 29, 1953 Lyon-August 30, 1996 Garches) was a French screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Olga Georges-Picot

Olga Georges-Picot (January 6, 1940 Shanghai-June 19, 1997 Paris) was a French actor.

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Dominique Laffin

Dominique Laffin (June 3, 1952 Saint-Mandé-June 12, 1985 Paris) also known as Dominique Élisabeth Laffin was a French actor. She had one child, Clémentine Autain.

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