French musicians who were born in 1984

Here are 15 famous musicians from France were born in 1984:

Cécilia Cara

Cécilia Cara (June 5, 1984 Cannes-) a.k.a. Cecilia Cara is a French singer.

Discography: L'Air du temps, Roméo et Juliette : Aimer and .

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Alizée (August 21, 1984 Ajaccio-) a.k.a. アリゼ, Alizeé, Alizee or Alizée Jacotey is a French singer, socialite, dancer and disc jockey. She has one child, Annily Chatelain.

Her discography includes: Mademoiselle Juliette (Remixes), Alizée en concert, Mes courants électriques..., Gourmandises, Moi... Lolita, L'alizé, Psychédélices, Tout Alizée, J'en ai marre ! and À contre-courant. Genres related to her: World music, Electronic music, Pop music, Rock music, French rock, Latin pop, French pop music, Dance music, Electronica, Hip hop music, Synthpop and Chanson.

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Jérémy Chatelain

Jérémy Chatelain (October 19, 1984 Créteil-) also known as Jeremy Chatelain, Jérémy Chatelain or Jérémy Châtelain is a French singer. His child is called Annily Chatelain.

His albums include Variétés françaises and Jeremy Chatelain.

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Cyndi Almouzni

Cyndi Almouzni (October 10, 1984 Marseille-) also known as Cherie is a French singer.

Her albums: Cherie. Genres she performed: Pop music and Dance music.

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Leïla Bekhti

Leïla Bekhti (March 6, 1984 Issy-les-Moulineaux-) is a French actor.

Her albums include .

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Sofia Essaïdi

Sofia Essaïdi (August 6, 1984 Casablanca-) also known as Sofia Essaidi or Essaïdi, Sofia is a French singer, actor and dancer.

Discography: Mon Cabaret, and . Her related genres: Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Pop music, French pop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Hadrien Feraud

Hadrien Feraud (August 16, 1984 Paris-) is a French bassist.

His albums: Hadrien Feraud.

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Mc bess

Mc bess (July 5, 1984 Auribeau-sur-Siagne-) is a French , .

Mc Bess, also known as Matthieu Bessudo, is a multidisciplinary artist and musician born in Auribeau-sur-Siagne, France on July 5, 1984. He is best known for his black and white illustrations that have a distinct vintage style, often featuring anthropomorphic characters with exaggerated features.

Bessudo studied graphic design in Switzerland before moving to London to work as an art director in advertising. However, he soon decided to pursue a career in art and began creating illustrations in his spare time.

Mc Bess has worked with a variety of clients, including Nike, Jack Daniel's, and Disney, and his illustrations have been featured in numerous publications, such as The New York Times, Wired, and Playboy. His artwork has also been exhibited around the world, including in London, Paris, and Tokyo.

In addition to his illustrations, Mc Bess is also a musician and frontman of the rock band The Dead Pirates. The band has released several albums and performed at music festivals such as Glastonbury and Eurockéennes.

Aside from his successful career as an artist and musician, Mc Bess is also a skilled animator. He has directed and animated a number of short films, such as "The Beat Takes Over" and "Le Gouffre" which have been screened at film festivals across the globe. In addition, Mc Bess has collaborated with other artists on various projects, including an installation at the Saatchi Gallery in London with fellow artist, Simon Landrein. Despite his global success, Mc Bess continues to live and work in London, where he draws inspiration from the city's vibrant culture and diverse community. Throughout his career, he has remained committed to his personal motto, "Keep it fun, keep it simple," which has resonated with fans and admirers of his work worldwide.

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Fabien Gilot

Fabien Gilot (April 27, 1984 Denain-) is a French swimmer.

Gilot specialized as a freestyle swimmer and became renowned for his sprinting ability. He has competed in numerous high-profile international swimming events, including the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships. Gilot was a key member of the French relay team that won the gold medal in the 4×100 metre freestyle at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He is also a multiple-time medalist in the same event at the World Championships and European Championships. After announcing his retirement from competitive swimming in 2018, Gilot remains involved in the sport as a coach and mentor to younger generations of swimmers.

Gilot began swimming at a young age and quickly showed a natural talent for the sport. He joined a local swimming club, where his coaches recognized his speed and encouraged him to pursue sprinting events. Gilot's breakthrough came in 2004, when he made his debut at the Olympic Games in Athens. Although he did not win a medal, he gained valuable experience and set his sights on future competitions.

Over the next several years, Gilot established himself as one of the top freestyle swimmers in the world. In addition to his success in relay events, he also competed in individual events such as the 100-metre freestyle. He won his first individual gold medal at the European Championships in 2010.

Gilot's greatest moment came at the 2012 Olympics, where he swam the second leg of the 4×100 metre freestyle relay. He helped France take the lead and they held on to win the gold medal, setting a new European record in the process. Gilot's powerful opening leg was widely credited with giving his team the momentum they needed to win.

Off the pool, Gilot is known for his laid-back personality and his love of music. He is a talented guitarist and has played in bands with his fellow swimmers. He also holds a degree in sports management and has expressed interest in pursuing a career in that field.

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Mister You

Mister You (February 5, 1984 Paris-) also known as Younes Latifi is a French rapper.

Discography: Dans ma grotte, , , Music Business, , , , , and . Genres he performed include Rap music.

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Black M

Black M (December 27, 1984 Paris-) also known as Alpha Diallo, Black Mesrimes or Gros yeux is a French rapper and music artist.

His albums include Les yeux plus gros que le monde, Le Pact, Ailleurs and Le monde plus gros que mes yeux.

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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne (September 27, 1984 Belleville-) a.k.a. Avril, Avril Lavinge or Avril Ramona Lavigne is a French model, actor, guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, artist, fashion designer and music artist.

Discography: Let Go, Under My Skin, Nobody's Home, Complicated, Don’t Tell Me, I'm With You, Losing Grip, My Happy Ending, My World and Sk8er Boi. Genres she performed include Pop rock, Pop punk, Teen pop, Modern rock, Alternative rock, Power pop, Pop music, Rock music and Post-grunge.

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Ben l'Oncle Soul

Ben l'Oncle Soul (November 10, 1984 Tours-) also known as Benjamin Duterde is a French singer-songwriter and composer.

His albums include Ben l'Oncle Soul, Soul Wash, , Seven Nation Army and . Genres: Pop music and Soul music.

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Indila (June 26, 1984 Paris-) a.k.a. Adila Sedraia is a French singer and songwriter.

Discography: Mini World. Genres she performed include Rhythm and blues, French hip hop, Pop music and Raï.

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Audrey Sylvain

Audrey Sylvain (June 26, 1984-) is a French musician and dancer.

Genres she performed include Shoegazing, Black metal and Post-punk.

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