French music stars who deceased at age 39

Here are 5 famous musicians from France died at 39:

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal (June 19, 1623 Clermont-Ferrand-August 19, 1662 Paris) was a French physicist, writer, philosopher, mathematician and inventor.

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Jacques Pierre Brissot

Jacques Pierre Brissot (January 15, 1754 Chartres-October 31, 1793 Place de la Concorde) also known as J.-P. Brissot de Warville was a French lawyer.

He died caused by guillotine.

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Isaac René Guy le Chapelier

Isaac René Guy le Chapelier (June 12, 1754 Rennes-April 22, 1794 Paris) a.k.a. Isaac Rene Guy le Chapelier was a French lawyer and politician.

He died caused by guillotine.

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Jules de Goncourt

Jules de Goncourt (December 17, 1830 Paris-June 20, 1870) a.k.a. Jules Alfred Huot de Goncourt was a French novelist.

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François Louis Bourdon

François Louis Bourdon (January 11, 1758 France-June 22, 1797 Cayenne) also known as Francois Louis Bourdon was a French lawyer.

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