French musicians died because of Aviation accident or incident

Here are 3 famous musicians from France died in Aviation accident or incident:

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (June 29, 1900 Lyon-July 31, 1944 Marseille) otherwise known as Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, Antoine de St. Exupéry, Saint-Exupery, A. de St. Exupéry or Antoine-Marie-Roger De Saint-Exupery was a French novelist, pilot, poet and writer.

Discography: , , , , , , and .

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Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel (December 11, 1890 Toulouse-June 24, 1935 Medellín) also known as Calros Gardel, Gardel, Carlos, Charles Romuald Gardes, Carlitos, El Zorzal, The King of Tango, El Mago, El Morocho del Abasto, El Mudo or El francesito was a French singer, singer-songwriter, film score composer and actor.

His albums include 20 grandes éxitos, 23 Grandes Tangos, 100 Años, El Gardel Que Conocí, Volume 2, Está Siempre Vivo, Homenaje a Carlos Gardel, Las 60 Mejores Canciones de Carlos Gardel, Tango, The Collection and Todo Gardel 1927(1). Genres he performed include Tango music.

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Marcel Dadi

Marcel Dadi (August 20, 1951 Sousse-July 17, 1996) was a French , .

His discography includes: La Guitare à Dadi, Volume 1, Nashville Rendez-Vous, Blueberry / L'Écho des savanes, Best of Dadi, Fingers Crossing, La Guitare à Dadi, Volume 2, Dadi in Nashville, Part 1, Guitar Legend, Volume 2, Guitar Legend, Volume 1 and L'Écho des savanes 89.

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