French musicians died because of Bowel obstruction

Here are 1 famous musicians from France died in Bowel obstruction:

Claude Dauphin

Claude Dauphin (August 19, 1903 Corbeil-Essonnes-November 16, 1978 Paris) also known as Claude Marie Eugene Dauphin or Claude Marie Eugène Legrand was a French actor, soldier and businessperson. He had two children, Antonia Dauphin and Jean-Claude Dauphin.

Claude Dauphin began his acting career in the 1920s and quickly became a prominent figure in French cinema, starring in over 120 films throughout his career. Some of his most notable roles include Monsieur Verdoux (1947), directed by Charlie Chaplin, and The Sicilian Clan (1969), directed by Henri Verneuil. In addition to his film work, Dauphin was also an accomplished stage actor, appearing in productions across Europe and the United States.

During World War II, Dauphin served in the French army and was captured by the Germans in 1940. He was held as a prisoner of war for three years before managing to escape and return to France. After the war, he continued his acting career and also became involved in business, founding a successful film distribution company.

Dauphin was a patron of the arts and supported many cultural institutions, including the Comédie-Française theater company. He was awarded the Legion of Honor in recognition of his contributions to French culture. Dauphin passed away in 1978 at the age of 75, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most respected actors of his generation.

Throughout Claude Dauphin's career, he worked with some of the most renowned filmmakers of his time, including Jean Renoir, Marcel Carné, and Alfred Hitchcock. He was also a regular collaborator of director Christian-Jaque, appearing in several of his films, including Fanfan la Tulipe (1952) and Les Amants de Montparnasse (1958).

In addition to his acting and business ventures, Dauphin was also politically active. He was a member of the National Assembly in France from 1951 to 1955, representing the Union of Democrats and Independents. Dauphin was also a supporter of European unification and was involved in the creation of the European Broadcasting Union.

Dauphin's legacy endured long after his death, with several of his films being screened at important international film festivals in the years following his passing. His son, Jean-Claude Dauphin, also became an actor and has appeared in over 70 films. Antonia Dauphin, his daughter, became a painter and sculptor.

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