Georgian actors died in 2002

Here are 2 famous actors from Georgia died in 2002:

Djansug Kakhidze

Djansug Kakhidze (May 26, 1935 Tbilisi-March 8, 2002 Tbilisi) also known as Jansug Kakhidze, Kakhidze, Jansug, Dzhansug Kakhidze, The Georgian Karajan or Slavic Karajan was a Georgian conductor, film score composer, music director and actor. He had one child, Vakhtang Kakhidze.

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Kote Makharadze

Kote Makharadze (November 17, 1926 Tbilisi-December 19, 2002 Tbilisi) also known as K. Makharadze, K. Makhazadze, Constantine Makharadze or Constantine Ivanovich Makharadze was a Georgian sports commentator and actor. He had one child, Maka Makharadze.

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