Georgian actresses died in 1984

Here are 1 famous actresses from Georgia died in 1984:

Sesilia Takaishvili

Sesilia Takaishvili (September 30, 1906 Batumi-May 21, 1984 Tbilisi) also known as Sesilya Takaishvili was a Georgian actor.

She began her acting career in 1933 and quickly became a popular figure in Georgian theater, known for her versatility and emotional range. Takaishvili performed in more than 60 plays and was particularly renowned for her performances in dramatic roles. In addition to her work in theater, she also appeared in several films, including the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic's first feature film "My Grandmother" in 1929. Takaishvili was also a devoted teacher of acting and passed on her knowledge to younger generations of actors. She was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Georgian SSR in 1969 and remains a celebrated figure in Georgian theater to this day.

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