Georgian music stars died at age 41

Here are 1 famous musicians from Georgia died at 41:

Zurab Zhvania

Zurab Zhvania (December 9, 1963 Tbilisi-February 3, 2005 Tbilisi) was a Georgian politician.

Zhvania played a significant role in Georgian politics, serving as the Prime Minister of Georgia twice. He also played a major part in the Rose Revolution of 2003, which saw the ousting of President Eduard Shevardnadze. In addition to his political career, Zhvania was known for his activism during the Soviet era, working to promote Georgian national identity and culture. He was also a respected author, having published several books on Georgian history and politics. After his death, he was posthumously awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece, Georgia's highest civilian honor.

He died caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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