Georgian music stars died at age 54

Here are 2 famous musicians from Georgia died at 54:

Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria (March 29, 1899 Gulripshi district-December 23, 1953 Moscow) was a Georgian politician.

Beria was a high-ranking member of the Soviet Union's secret police, the NKVD, and later served as the Minister of Internal Affairs. He was known for his ruthless tactics and was responsible for the execution of thousands of people. Beria played a significant role in the purges and show trials of the 1930s, as well as the repressions of ethnic minorities during World War II. He was a close confidant of Joseph Stalin and after Stalin's death in 1953, Beria briefly held significant power in the Soviet Union as a member of the collective leadership. However, he was eventually purged and executed by his political rivals, who accused him of plotting a coup. Despite his brutal legacy, Beria played a significant role in the Soviet Union's industrialization and was also responsible for the development of the Soviet atomic bomb.

He died caused by firearm.

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Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi

Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi (June 20, 1889 Kvareli-June 29, 1943 Tbilisi) a.k.a. V. Sidamon-Eristov was a Georgian production designer, film art director, art teacher and set designer.

He was one of the pioneers of Georgian cinema and played a vital role in shaping the country's film industry. Sidamon-Eristov studied at the Stroganov Art Institute in Moscow and started his career as a production designer in 1920, collaborating with the renowned Georgian film director Ivan Perestiani. He went on to design the sets for many of Georgia's most memorable films, including "My Grandmother" and "Khabarda". In addition to his film work, Sidamon-Eristov was also an accomplished painter and art teacher, having taught at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. His contributions to the Georgian film industry and art world have made him a beloved figure in Georgia's cultural history.

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