German actors who were born in 1940

Here are 12 famous actors from Germany were born in 1940:

Peer Raben

Peer Raben (July 3, 1940 Viechtafell-January 21, 2007 Mitterfels) also known as Raben, Peer, Wilhelm Rabenbauer, Peer Rabeen, Wil Rabenbauer or Willi Rabenbauer was a German film score composer, actor, film producer, film director, author, television director and screenwriter.

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Dirk Galuba

Dirk Galuba (August 28, 1940 Piła-) is a German actor.

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Walter Renneisen

Walter Renneisen (March 3, 1940 Mainz-) is a German actor.

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Lambert Hamel

Lambert Hamel (June 7, 1940 Ludwigshafen-) is a German actor.

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Gunter Schoß

Gunter Schoß (December 2, 1940 Berlin-) a.k.a. Schoß, Gunter is a German actor.

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Klaus Wennemann

Klaus Wennemann (December 18, 1940 Oer-Erkenschwick-January 7, 2000 Bad Aibling) was a German actor. He had two children, Volker Wennemann and Richard Wennemann.

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Matthias Habich

Matthias Habich (January 12, 1940 Gdańsk-) is a German actor and voice actor.

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Wilhelm von Homburg

Wilhelm von Homburg (August 25, 1940 Berlin-March 10, 2004 Puerto Vallarta) a.k.a. Norbert Grupe, Wilhem Von Homburg, The Boxer Beatle, The German answer to Muhammad Ali, Wilhelm von Homberg, Prinz Wilhelm von Homburg or Prinz von Homburg was a German actor, wrestler and professional boxer.

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Peer Augustinski

Peer Augustinski (June 25, 1940 Berlin-October 3, 2014) was a German actor.

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Tilo Prückner

Tilo Prückner (October 26, 1940 Augsburg-) also known as Thilo Prückner or Tilo Pruckner is a German actor.

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Norbert Georg Kuchinke

Norbert Georg Kuchinke (January 1, 1940 Czarny Bór-December 3, 2013 Berlin) a.k.a. Norbert Kukhinke or Norbert Kuchinke was a German actor, writer and journalist. His children are called Evdokia Kuchinke and Christoph Kuchinke.

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Dietrich Mattausch

Dietrich Mattausch (April 26, 1940 Litoměřice-) otherwise known as Dieter Mattausch is a German actor.

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