German actors who were born in 1977

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany were born in 1977:

Timo Rose

Timo Rose (February 22, 1977 Germany-) is a German musician, film director, screenwriter, actor and rapper.

He began his career in 1997 with the formation of his band "Kilgore". He released several albums with the band before branching out into the film industry. As a director, Rose became known for his work in the horror genre, with films such as "Barricade" and "Fearmakers". He has also acted in a number of his own films as well as other productions, and has made appearances on German television shows such as "Tatort" and "Soko Köln". In addition to his work in film, Rose has released several solo rap albums under the name "Timi Torture". He continues to work in various aspects of the entertainment industry, and is considered a prominent figure in German independent cinema.

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Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner (June 11, 1977 Leipzig-) also known as Paul Klakbrenner, Paul dB+, Kalkito, Grenade or PK is a German disc jockey, actor and electronic musician.

He is known for his distinctive sound which blends elements of techno, house and minimal techno. Kalkbrenner started his music career in the early 1990s playing in German techno clubs and released his first album "Superimpose" in 2001. He gained worldwide recognition with his single "Sky and Sand" which was featured in the German film "Berlin Calling" (2008) that he also starred in. Kalkbrenner has released numerous albums and EPs throughout his career, including "Icke Wieder" (2011) and "Parts of Life" (2018). In addition to his successful music career, he has also acted in several films, including "Feuerreiter" (2005) and "Am Ende kommen Touristen" (2007). He continues to perform at electronic music festivals and events worldwide.

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Denis Moschitto

Denis Moschitto (June 22, 1977 Cologne-) is a German actor.

He was born in Cologne to Moroccan parents and grew up in Bonn. Moschitto began his acting career in 1998 through a TV series "Streets of Berlin". He is famous for his work in German TV and film industry and has appeared in over 70 films and TV shows. Moschitto gained international recognition in the critically acclaimed movie "Chiko" (2008) and has since then appeared in international productions like "The Cut" (2014), and "In the Fade" (2017). In addition to acting, Moschitto is also a rapper and has released several albums with his band 'G.O.D.' He is considered one of the most versatile and respected actors in Germany's film and TV industry.

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Jo Weil

Jo Weil (August 29, 1977 Frankfurt-) is a German voice actor and actor.

He first gained recognition for his role as Oliver Sabel in the German soap opera "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love) which he played from 2003 to 2011. He has also appeared in several other German TV shows such as "Alles was zählt" (All That Matters) and "Nicht von schlechten Eltern" (Not from Bad Parents). Apart from his TV work, Weil has also worked as a voice actor, lending his voice to characters in German dubs of popular TV shows and movies like "Family Guy" and "The Incredibles". Weil is also an active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has publicly come out as gay.

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Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender (April 2, 1977 Heidelberg-) also known as Fassy is a German actor, film producer and businessperson.

Fassbender was raised in Ireland and showed an early interest in acting. He began his career on stage and later transitioned to film. Some of his notable roles include his portrayal of Steve Jobs in the film "Steve Jobs," his role as Magneto in the X-Men franchise, and his performance in the movie "12 Years a Slave," which earned him an Academy Award nomination. In addition to his acting work, Fassbender has also produced a number of films, including "Slow West" and "Assassin's Creed." He is also involved in business ventures, such as his investment in a whiskey distillery in Ireland. Fassbender is known for his intense and nuanced performances, and is widely considered to be one of the most talented actors of his generation.

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Özgür Özata

Özgür Özata (February 17, 1977 İskenderun-) is a German actor.

He was born in İskenderun, Turkey but raised in Germany from a young age. Özgür began his career as an actor in the late 1990s, with his first notable role in the German TV series "Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast" (Behind Bars - The Women's Prison) in 1999. He then went on to appear in various TV shows and films, both in Germany and internationally.

One of his most well-known roles was in the German TV series "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (Good Times, Bad Times), which he starred in from 2006-2011. Özgür has also appeared in several Turkish productions, including the TV series "Benim Adım Gültepe" (My Name is Gültepe) in 2014.

Aside from his acting career, Özgür is a trained martial artist and has even competed in various kickboxing tournaments. He is also involved in charity work, particularly for children's organizations.

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Sebastian Ströbel

Sebastian Ströbel (February 2, 1977 Karlsruhe-) is a German actor.

He is widely recognized for his performances on both stage and screen. Ströbel initially began his acting career by appearing in a number of theatre productions. He later gained popularity with his portrayal of the character Jörg Rost in the popular television series "Aus heiterem Himmel" from 1999-2001.

Since then, Ströbel has become a renowned actor in Germany, appearing in numerous television series, films and theatrical productions. He has won critical acclaim for his performances, including the German Television Award for Best Actor in a Series for his work in "Der Bulle von Tölz" in 2010.

Ströbel has also ventured into directing and producing, having worked on several film projects. He is also actively involved in charity work, supporting organizations aimed at helping children and youths in need.

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Alen Hodzovic

Alen Hodzovic (May 30, 1977 Wuppertal-) is a German actor and singer.

He was born to Bosniak parents who had emigrated to Germany. Alen Hodzovic is known for his roles in German TV shows such as Schwarz greift ein and SOKO Leipzig. In addition to acting, he is also a talented singer and has released several albums including "Leben" and "Für Dich". Hodzovic has also participated in several singing competitions such as Popstars and The Voice of Germany. He is known for his versatile and dynamic performances that showcase his range as an artist. Off-screen, Alen Hodzovic enjoys spending time with his family and is actively involved in supporting charitable causes.

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