German actors who deceased at age 53

Here are 5 famous actors from Germany died at 53:

Bogumil Dawison

Bogumil Dawison (May 15, 1818 Warsaw-February 1, 1872 Dresden) was a German actor.

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Frank Wedekind

Frank Wedekind (July 24, 1864 Hanover-March 9, 1918 Munich) also known as Wedekind, Frank or Benjamin Franklin Wedekind was a German playwright, screenwriter, actor and writer. He had three children, Pamela Wedekind, Kadidja Wedekind and Friedrich Strindberg.

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Hans Nielsen

Hans Nielsen (November 30, 1911 Hamburg-October 11, 1965 Berlin) otherwise known as Hans Albert Nielsen or Harold Nielsen was a German actor and voice actor.

He died caused by leukemia.

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Erich Kaiser-Titz

Erich Kaiser-Titz (October 7, 1875 Berlin-November 22, 1928 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Fritz Ewert

Fritz Ewert (February 9, 1937 Düsseldorf-March 16, 1990 Heimerzheim) was a German actor and football player.

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