German actors who deceased in 1952

Here are 6 famous actors from Germany died in 1952:

Albert Bassermann

Albert Bassermann (September 7, 1867 Mannheim-March 15, 1952 Zürich) also known as Albert Basserman was a German actor.

He was regarded as one of the most distinguished actors of his time and was known for his powerful stage presence and deep, distinctive voice. His career spanned several decades and he appeared in numerous stage productions, films, and radio plays. Bassermann also made significant contributions to the world of German drama as a director and playwright. He was forced to flee Germany in 1933 due to his Jewish heritage and spent the rest of his life living and working in Switzerland and the United States. Despite the political turmoil that marked his later years, Bassermann continued to act and was lauded for his performances in Hollywood productions such as "Foreign Correspondent" and "The Red Shoes." He passed away in Zurich in 1952 at the age of 84.

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Franz Seitz, Sr.

Franz Seitz, Sr. (April 14, 1887 Munich-March 7, 1952 Schliersee) otherwise known as F. Seitz was a German screenwriter, film director and actor. His children are called Franz Seitz, Jr. and Hans Terofal.

Franz Seitz, Sr. began his career as an actor, appearing in numerous silent films during the 1910s. He later transitioned to screenwriting, penning scripts for popular German films of the 1920s and 30s, including "Die Csikosbarone" and "Die Trödelhändler". In the 1940s, Seitz began directing films himself, and quickly established himself as a talented filmmaker with works such as "Ein geschenkter Tag" and "Das kleine Hofkonzert".

During World War II, Seitz continued to work in the film industry, but was often forced to compromise his artistic visions due to the strict propaganda requirements of the Nazi government. After the war, he resumed his career as a director, helming films such as "Der Prozeß" and "Anna Susanna".

Seitz's eldest son, Franz Seitz, Jr., followed in his father's footsteps and also became a successful filmmaker. Together, they founded the production company "Franz Seitz Filmproduktion" in the late 1940s. Despite his accomplishments, Franz Seitz, Sr.'s legacy has been somewhat overshadowed by his son's work in the years since his death.

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Karl Platen

Karl Platen (March 6, 1877 Halle-July 4, 1952 Weimar) otherwise known as Carl Platen was a German actor.

He made his stage debut in 1895 and began acting in film in 1916. Platen worked with many prominent German directors over the course of his career and appeared in over 120 films. He was known for his versatility, playing both comedic and dramatic roles. Platen also worked as a director, writer, and producer. Despite his success, he was forced to flee Germany during World War II due to his Jewish heritage. He eventually settled in the United States and continued to act in film and on stage.

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Theodor Becker

Theodor Becker (January 11, 1880 Mannheim-June 26, 1952 Coppenbrügge) was a German actor. He had two children, Maria Becker and Renate Becker.

Born in Mannheim, Germany in 1880, Theodor Becker was an accomplished actor during his time. He began his career as a stage actor, working in several theaters in Germany, and eventually transitioned to film in the 1920s. With his powerful performances and commanding presence, he quickly gained widespread recognition as a talented actor, appearing in numerous films throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Aside from his work in theater and film, Becker also taught acting at several drama schools in Germany. His teaching methods were admired by many students and actors, and he had a significant influence on the development of German theater and film.

Becker was married and had two children, Maria Becker and Renate Becker, both of whom also became successful actors. He passed away in 1952 in Coppenbrügge, Germany, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in acting and a profound impact on German theater and film.

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Louis Brody

Louis Brody (February 15, 1892 Douala-February 11, 1952 Berlin) a.k.a. Lewis Brody, M'bebe Mpessa, Levis Brody, Lovis Brody or Lewis Brody-Upasso was a German actor and musician.

Brody was born in Douala, Cameroon during the colonial era when it was a German colony. He later moved to Germany and became an accomplished actor, starring in several films including "Kuhle Wampe oder: Wem gehört die Welt?" and "Die Dreigroschenoper". He was also known for his musical talents, playing several instruments including the violin and trumpet. Brody was of mixed race and faced discrimination in Nazi Germany. He died in Berlin in 1952 at the age of 59.

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Horst Caspar

Horst Caspar (January 20, 1913 Radegast-December 27, 1952 Dahlem) also known as Horst Joachim Arthur Caspar was a German actor.

He first gained prominence in cinema during the 1930s in several lead roles in German films, including "Der Mustergatte" (1937) and "Frau Sixta" (1938). During World War II, Caspar was conscripted into the German army, where he was injured and captured by Allied forces. After the war, he resumed his acting career and appeared in numerous films such as "Das Geheimnis der roten Katze" (1949) and "Schwarzer Kies" (1950). Caspar was also known for his work in theater, having performed in several productions in Berlin and Hamburg throughout the 1940s. His career was tragically cut short when he died in a car accident in Dahlem in 1952, at the age of 39.

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