German actors who deceased in 1956

Here are 4 famous actors from Germany died in 1956:

Christian Rub

Christian Rub (April 13, 1886 Passau-April 14, 1956 Santa Barbara) otherwise known as Chris Rube, Christian Rube or Chriss Rubb was a German actor and voice actor.

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Frederick Valk

Frederick Valk (June 10, 1895 Hamburg-July 23, 1956 London) a.k.a. Fritz Valk was a German actor.

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Willy Prager

Willy Prager (May 23, 1877 Katowice-March 4, 1956 West Berlin) also known as Willi Prager was a German actor and screenwriter.

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F.W. Schröder-Schrom

F.W. Schröder-Schrom (May 31, 1879 Frankfurt-May 10, 1956 West Berlin) a.k.a. Franz Schroeder-Schramm, Franz Schroeder-Schrumm, Schröder-Schram, Fr. Schröder-Schrom, Franz W. Schröder-Schrom, Franz Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Franz-Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Wilhelm Schröder-Schrom, Schröder-Schrom or Franz Wilhelm Emil Schroeder was a German actor.

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