German actors who deceased in 1981

Here are 5 famous actors from Germany died in 1981:

Hans Söhnker

Hans Söhnker (October 11, 1903 Kiel-April 20, 1981 Berlin) also known as Hans Soehnker, Hans Sohnker or Hans Sonker was a German actor.

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Richard Talmadge

Richard Talmadge (December 3, 1892 Camburg-January 25, 1981 Carmel-by-the-Sea) also known as Sylvester Alphonse Metz, Dick Talmadge or Richard Talmage was a German film director, actor, film producer and stunt performer.

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Peter Kreuder

Peter Kreuder (August 18, 1905 Aachen-June 28, 1981 Salzburg) a.k.a. Peter Paul Kreuder, Kreuder, Peter or das Peter-Kreuder-Ensemble was a German film score composer, pianist, conductor, actor and composer.

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Erich Fiedler

Erich Fiedler (March 15, 1901 Berlin-May 19, 1981 West Berlin) was a German actor.

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Ewald Wenck

Ewald Wenck (December 28, 1891 Berlin-April 3, 1981 West Berlin) a.k.a. E. Wenck, Ewald Wenk, H.E. Wenk, Wenk or Hermann Ewald Wenck was a German actor.

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