German actresses who were born in 1930

Here are 7 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1930:

Ruth Drexel

Ruth Drexel (July 14, 1930 Vilshofen an der Donau-February 26, 2009 Feldkirchen) was a German actor. She had two children, Cilli Drexel and Katharina Adami.

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Eva Probst

Eva Probst (April 21, 1930 Kreuzberg-) is a German actor.

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Helga Feddersen

Helga Feddersen (March 14, 1930 Hamburg-November 24, 1990 Föhr) also known as Feddersen, Helga was a German actor, singer, comedian and theatre director.

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Maria Sebaldt

Maria Sebaldt (April 26, 1930 Steglitz-) also known as Maria Sevalt is a German actor. Her child is called Katharina Sebaldt.

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Anne Buydens

Anne Buydens (May 13, 1930 Hanover-) also known as Anne Douglas or Mrs. Kirk Douglas is a German film producer and actor. Her children are called Peter Douglas and Eric Douglas.

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Susan Cummings

Susan Cummings (July 10, 1930 Bavaria-) a.k.a. Susanne Cummings or Susanne Gerda Tafe is a German actor. Her child is called Keith Larsen Jr..

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Gardy Granass

Gardy Granass (January 7, 1930 Berlin-) a.k.a. Hildegard Erika Charlotte Granass or Gardy Granaß is a German actor.

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