German actresses who were born in 1937

Here are 6 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1937:

Helke Sander

Helke Sander (January 31, 1937 Berlin-) also known as Helke Erika Elisabeth Sander is a German writer, film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer, author, television director and television producer.

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Alexandra Kluge

Alexandra Kluge (April 2, 1937 Halberstadt-) is a German actor, physician, screenwriter and narrator.

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Witta Pohl

Witta Pohl (November 1, 1937 Königsberg-April 4, 2011 Hamburg) otherwise known as Witta Breipohl was a German actor. Her children are called Stefanie Brauer and Florian Brauer.

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Annekathrin Bürger

Annekathrin Bürger (April 3, 1937 Berlin-) also known as Annekathrin Rammelt is a German actor.

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Nicole Heesters

Nicole Heesters (February 14, 1937 Potsdam-) also known as Nicole is a German actor. She has one child, Saskia Fischer.

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Eva Christian

Eva Christian (May 27, 1937 Berlin-) also known as Evelyne Gutmann or Eva Cristian is a German actor.

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