German actresses who were born in 1954

Here are 9 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1954:

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel (July 17, 1954 Hamburg-) a.k.a. Angela Dorothea Kasner, Angela Dorothea Merkel or Angela Kasner is a German politician, scientist, physicist and actor.

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Katharina Thalbach

Katharina Thalbach (January 19, 1954 Berlin-) is a German actor and film director. Her child is called Anna Thalbach.

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Verena Peter

Verena Peter (September 24, 1954 Basel-) is a German actor.

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Eva Mattes

Eva Mattes (December 14, 1954 Tegernsee-) a.k.a. Evi Mattes or Evi Matthes is a German actor, singer and voice actor. She has two children, Josef Mattes and Hanna Mattes.

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Franziska Troegner

Franziska Troegner (July 18, 1954 Berlin-) also known as Franziska Trögner is a German actor.

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Corinna Harfouch

Corinna Harfouch (October 16, 1954 Suhl-) also known as Corinna Meffert or Corinna Harfauch is a German actor and nurse. She has two children, Johannes Gwisdek and Robert Gwisdek.

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Jutta Speidel

Jutta Speidel (March 26, 1954 Munich-) also known as Yutta Speidel is a German actor and voice actor. Her children are called Franziska Speidel and Antonia Speidel.

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Mareike Carrière

Mareike Carrière (July 26, 1954 Hanover-March 17, 2014 Hamburg) also known as M. Carrière or Mareike Carriere was a German actor.

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Rena Niehaus

Rena Niehaus (December 18, 1954 Oldenburg-) is a German actor.

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