German actresses who deceased at age 31

Here are 1 famous actresses from Germany died at 31:

Renate Müller

Renate Müller (April 26, 1906 Munich-October 7, 1937 Berlin) a.k.a. Renate Muller was a German singer and actor.

She began her career as a singer and gained popularity in the 1920s with her performances in cabarets and on the radio. Müller made her film debut in 1930 and quickly became one of the most popular actors in German cinema. She was known for her natural acting style and her ability to convey emotion through her performances.

Müller starred in a number of successful films in the early 1930s, including "The Three from the Filling Station" (1930) and "Ich bei Tag und du bei Nacht" (1932). She also had success outside of Germany, appearing in the French film "Mädchen in Uniform" (1931).

Despite her success as an actor, Müller was often unhappy with her roles and longed for more challenging parts. She struggled with depression and alcoholism, and her career began to suffer as a result. Müller's last film was "La Habanera" (1937), in which she played the lead role.

Tragically, Müller took her own life just months after "La Habanera" was released. She was only 31 years old at the time of her death. Despite her brief career, Müller remains a beloved figure in German cinema and her films continue to be appreciated by audiences around the world.

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