German actresses who deceased at age 33

Here are 1 famous actresses from Germany died at 33:

Renate Ewert

Renate Ewert (November 9, 1933 Königsberg-December 4, 1966 Munich) was a German actor.

She died caused by suicide.

Renate Ewert began her acting career in theaters in Berlin and Hamburg in the 1950s. She made her film debut in 1957 in the movie "Betrogen bis zum jüngsten Tag". Ewert quickly became a sought-after actress in West Germany and appeared in over 20 films in the 1960s. She was known for her performances in films such as "Tanze mit mir in den Morgen" and "Alle meine Tiere".

Despite her success, Ewert struggled with mental health issues and depression. She had attempted suicide several times before her death in 1966 at the age of 33. Her death shocked the German film industry and her fans alike.

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