German actresses who deceased at age 79

Here are 6 famous actresses from Germany died at 79:

Dana Wynter

Dana Wynter (June 8, 1931 Berlin-May 5, 2011 Ojai) otherwise known as Dagmar Winter, Hollywood's oasis of elegance or Dagmar Wynter was a German actor and writer. She had one child, Mark Ragan Bautzer.

She died in heart failure.

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Marianne Kiefer

Marianne Kiefer (September 3, 1928 Dresden-January 4, 2008 Kreischa) was a German actor.

She died caused by diabetes mellitus.

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Eva Pflug

Eva Pflug (June 12, 1929 Leipzig-August 5, 2008 Grünwald) a.k.a. Eva Pflugh was a German actor and voice actor.

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Margit Symo

Margit Symo (September 13, 1913 Budapest-October 6, 1992 Munich) also known as Margarita Simó was a German actor and dancer. She had one child, Eva Mattes.

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Alice Hechy

Alice Hechy (July 21, 1893 Anklam-May 26, 1973 Berlin) a.k.a. Alice Scheel-Hechy was a German actor.

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Heli Finkenzeller

Heli Finkenzeller (November 17, 1911 Munich-January 14, 1991 Munich) a.k.a. Helene Finkenzeller was a German actor.

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