German musicians who were born in 1951

Here are 13 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1951:

Tony Holiday

Tony Holiday (February 24, 1951 Hamburg-February 14, 1990 Lausanne) was a German singer.

His albums: Tanze Samba Mit Mir.

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Harry Groener

Harry Groener (September 10, 1951 Augsburg-) is a German actor and dancer.

He is best known for his work in musical theater, including his Tony-nominated performance as Georges Seurat in the original Broadway production of "Sunday in the Park with George." Groener has also appeared in numerous other Broadway productions, as well as on television and film. Some of his notable roles include Mayor Wilkins in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Dr. Meade in "A Cure for Wellness." In addition to his acting career, Groener has also worked as a choreographer and director, and has taught at various universities and theater schools. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Trimpin (November 26, 1951 Efringen-Kirchen-) also known as Gerhard Trimpin is a German composer and sound sculptor.

Trimpin moved to the United States in 1979 and has since become a MacArthur Fellow and Guggenheim Fellow. He is known for his innovative and experimental musical creations, often incorporating found objects and non-traditional instruments. Trimpin's work has been featured in museums and galleries around the world, including the Seattle Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He has also collaborated with many notable musicians, including the Kronos Quartet and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, Trimpin has received several awards and honors for his work, including the Artist Trust Innovator Award and the Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship.

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Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone (September 18, 1951 Fort Lee-June 5, 2002 Hollywood) also known as Dee Dee King, Dee Dee Ramone I.C.L.C. or Douglas Glenn Colvin was a German musician, songwriter, bassist and rapper.

His albums include Standing in the Spotlight, Hop Around, Greatest & Latest, Zonked!, Zonked/Ain't It Fun, Dee Dee Ramone, I Hate Freaks Like You, Funky Man, Too Tough to Die Live in NYC and Chinese Bitch. Genres he performed: Punk rock and Hip hop music.

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Wolfgang Niedecken

Wolfgang Niedecken (March 30, 1951 Cologne-) also known as Niedecken or Niedecken, Wolfgang is a German musician, author, painter, composer, lyricist, singer and visual artist.

His albums: Leopardefell, Niedecken Köln, and . Genres: Rock music.

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Klaus Hoffmann

Klaus Hoffmann (March 26, 1951 Berlin-) a.k.a. Klaus Dieter Hoffmann, Klaus Hoffman or Klaus Hofmann is a German singer and actor.

His discography includes: Ein Konzert, Berlin, Sänger Live, Erzählungen, Melancholia, Westend, Von Dieser Welt, Ich will Gesang, will Spiel und Tanz, Was fang ich an in dieser Stadt? and Klaus Hoffmann.

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Mike Krüger

Mike Krüger (December 14, 1951 Ulm-) also known as Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, m.krüger, Mike Kruger, Krüger, Mike or Mike Krueger is a German comedian, actor, singer and screenwriter. He has one child, .

His albums include Das Beste von Mike Krüger wo gibt!!!, Alles Krüger, Country Mike und die Quickborn Cowboys, Der Nippel, Meine schönsten Erfolge, Mein Gott, Walter, Best Of, Jetzt schlägt's 3, Zweiohrnase and Das Trampolin.

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Rolf Köhler

Rolf Köhler (May 24, 1951 Hamburg-September 16, 2007 Hamburg-Altona station) a.k.a. Köhler, Rolf was a German singer, musician, record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock music.

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Roman Bunka

Roman Bunka (December 2, 1951 Frankfurt-) otherwise known as Bunka, Roman is a German , .

Discography: Color Me Cairo.

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Kalle Pohl

Kalle Pohl (August 20, 1951 Düren-) is a German comedian.

His most well known albums: .

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Carlo Karges

Carlo Karges (July 31, 1951 Hamburg-January 30, 2002 Hamburg) otherwise known as Karges, Carlo was a German musician.

Carlo Karges was best known as the guitarist for the popular German band Nena, which gained international success in the 1980s with their hit song "99 Luftballons." Karges co-wrote the song with Nena lead singer, Gabriele Kerner, and it became a worldwide sensation, reaching number one in several countries. Karges continued to collaborate with Nena throughout the following decades, contributing to many of their albums and tours. In addition to his work with Nena, Karges also worked as a music producer, songwriter, and musician for various other bands in Germany. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 50 due to a heart attack.

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Wolfgang Michels

Wolfgang Michels (July 15, 1951 Delmenhorst-) also known as Michels, Wolfgang or Michels is a German singer-songwriter.

He is known for his poignant lyrics and emotive performances. Born in Delmenhorst, Michels began his musical career in the 1970s, performing at local clubs and festivals in Germany. In 1978, he released his debut album, "Im Regen stehen." He gained nationwide recognition with his hit song "Ich liebe dich" in 1982.

Over the course of his career, Michels has released over a dozen albums, showcasing his diverse range of musical styles. His music is often deeply personal and draws on themes of love, loss, and longing. In addition to his successful recording career, Michels has also worked as a producer and songwriter for other artists in Germany.

Despite his success, Michels has remained relatively private, rarely giving interviews or making public appearances. He continues to write and record music to this day, earning a reputation as one of Germany's most respected singer-songwriters.

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Wolfgang Petry

Wolfgang Petry (September 22, 1951 Rodenkirchen-) otherwise known as Wolfgang Petray, Wolfgang Remling, Wolfgang Petri, Wolle, Franz Hubert Wolfgang Remling, Wolfgang "Wolle" Petry or Wolgang Petry is a German singer, songwriter and musician.

His albums include 30 Jahre, Ich Bin Ene Kölsche Jung, Meine größten Erfolge, Verlieben, verloren, ..., Hit Collection, Star Collection (disc 2), Freude, Freude 2, Das Beste '76-'84 and Meine Lieblingslieder.

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