German musicians who were born in 1955

Here are 22 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1955:

Helge Schneider

Helge Schneider (August 30, 1955 Mülheim-) also known as Helga Maria Schneider is a German comedian, actor, musician, author, film score composer, film director, screenwriter, theatre director, multi-instrumentalist and entertainer. He has one child, .

His albums include Da Humm !, Copacabana, Füttern verboten (Live in Dortmund 2004), Da Humm (Wurstfachverkäuferin), Es rappelt im Karton!, Guten Tach!, Hefte raus: Klassenarbeit!, Mendy, das Wusical, New York I'm Coming and Out of Kaktus (Songs aus dem Kaktus).

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Anne Haigis

Anne Haigis (December 9, 1955 Rottweil-) also known as Haigis, Anne is a German singer.

Discography: Cry Wolf, ... in Deutsch, Geheime Zeichen, Lass mich fallen wie Schnee, Das Beste in Deutsch 2, [mi:], Indigo, Dancing in the Fire, 8:00 PM and Anne Haigis.

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Hans Söllner

Hans Söllner (December 24, 1955 Bad Reichenhall-) also known as Hans Soellner, Hans Sollner or Söllner, Hans is a German singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Fang ma do o wo ma neilich aufg'heat ham, Grea, Göib, Roud, Der Charlie, 241255, Wos reimt se scho auf Nicki..., Ungehörtes Und Unerhörtes, Für Marianne und Ludwig, Hey Staat!, and Endlich eine Arbeit. His related genres: Reggae and Folk music.

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Lilo Wanders

Lilo Wanders (September 22, 1955 Celle-) also known as Ernie Reinhardt or Ernst-Johann „Ernie“ Reinhardt is a German actor and comedian.

Lilo Wanders is best known for their role as the host of the German TV show "Wa(h)re Liebe" which aired from 1993 to 2003. They have also appeared in various theater productions and films throughout their career. Wanders is openly gay and has been an advocate for LGBT+ rights in Germany. They have been awarded numerous accolades for their contributions to the German entertainment industry, including the Federal Cross of Merit in 2019. Outside of their career in entertainment, Wanders is also a trained nurse and has worked in healthcare throughout their life.

In addition to their work as an actor and comedian, Lilo Wanders has also written several books and articles. Their first book, "Wa(h)re Liebe: Das Buch" was published in 1997 and was based on their experiences as the host of the TV show of the same name. Wanders has also been an active spokesperson for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. They have worked with organizations such as Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe and the German Foundation for World Population to promote safe sex education, testing, and treatment for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Wanders has received numerous accolades for their advocacy work, including the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit) in 2019 for their contribution to the promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness and LGBT+ rights in Germany. Today, Wanders continues to be an important figure in the German entertainment industry and an outspoken advocate for marginalized communities.

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Jan Fedder

Jan Fedder (January 14, 1955 Hamburg-) is a German actor.

His albums: and Aus Bock.

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Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen (March 11, 1955 East Berlin-) a.k.a. Catherina Hagen, Hagen, Nina, Nina Catharina Hagen or Catharina "Nina" Hagen is a German singer and actor. Her children are called Cosma Shiva Hagen and Otis Chevallier-Hagen.

Her albums include The Very Best Of, Beste Stücke, 14 Friendly Abductions, Collection Gold, Definitive Collection, Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen, Angstlos, In My World, My Way From '78 to '94 and Rockpalast 1999-08-18. Genres she performed: Punk rock, New Wave, Post-punk, Gothic rock, Reggae, Glam rock, Psychedelic rock, Neue Deutsche Welle, Gospel music, Opera and Neue Deutsche Härte.

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Claudia Roth

Claudia Roth (May 15, 1955 Ulm-) otherwise known as Roth, Claudia or Claudia Benedikta Roth is a German politician.

She is a prominent member of Alliance 90/The Greens party in Germany and has been active in politics since the late 1970s. Roth has held various positions in the party, including co-chair from 2004 to 2013 and again from 2018 to 2019.

Throughout her political career, she has focused on issues relating to human rights, social justice, and environmentalism. She has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, and refugee rights. Additionally, she has been a prominent figure in the German anti-nuclear movement.

Roth has also been involved in international politics and has served as Vice President of the European Parliament from 1995 to 1999. She has also been a member of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly since 2013.

Outside of politics, Roth is known for her work in the arts, particularly in the field of music. She is a trained cellist and has collaborated with many musicians throughout her career. Additionally, she has been a presenter for various television and radio programs.

Roth started her political activism in the 1970s as a member of the German environmentalist movement. She joined the Greens party in 1985, and in 1987, she was elected to the Bundestag as one of the first Greens in federal parliament. Throughout the years, she has held various positions within the party, including spokesperson for human rights, development policy, and international relations. She has also been a member of the German Bundestag for over 20 years.

As an advocate for social justice, Roth has been a vocal critic of the German government's refugee policies. In 2015, during the height of the refugee crisis, she famously welcomed refugees at a train station in Munich while holding a banner reading "Refugees Welcome." Her actions have made her a target of far-right groups and she has received numerous death threats over the years.

In addition to her political activities, Roth has worked as a journalist and broadcaster. She has presented several cultural and political programs on German television and radio, including the talk show "3 nach 9" and a series on classical music. Roth is also an accomplished cellist and has performed with various orchestras and ensembles.

Overall, Claudia Roth is a prominent figure in German politics and a respected advocate for human rights and social justice. Her work in politics, music, and the media has made her an influential and dynamic figure in German society.

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Gerhard Gundermann

Gerhard Gundermann (February 21, 1955 Weimar-June 21, 1998 Spreetal) a.k.a. Gundermann, Gerhard was a German , .

His albums include Einsame Spitze, Krams - Das letzte Konzert -, , , , and Der 7te Samurai. Genres he performed include Rock music and Folk music.

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Hans Werner Olm

Hans Werner Olm (February 1, 1955 Bochum-) also known as Hans-Werner Olm, Olm, Hans Werner, Luise Koschinsky or Koschinsky, Luise is a German actor, comedian and voice actor.

His albums include Live, , and In Liebe, Luise.

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Marianne Rosenberg

Marianne Rosenberg (March 10, 1955 Berlin-) a.k.a. Rosenberg, Marianne or Rosenberg is a German singer, composer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Für immer wie heute, Lieder der Nacht (Special Edition), Das Beste von Marianne Rosenberg, Die großen Erfolge, Er gehört zu mir, Ich hab auf Liebe gesetzt, Lieder der Nacht: 16 Unvergessene Hits, Lieder der Nacht: Die großen Erfolge, Set the Night on Fire and Feuerrosen.

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Martin Semmelrogge

Martin Semmelrogge (December 8, 1955 Bad Boll-) a.k.a. Semmelrogge, Martin is a German actor. He has two children, Dustin Semmelrogge and Joanna Semmelrogge.

Martin Semmelrogge rose to international fame when he starred in the German war film Das Boot (1981), directed by Wolfgang Petersen. He played the character of 2nd Lieutenant Werner in the film, which earned critical acclaim both in Germany and internationally. He later appeared in several other high-profile films including Schindler's List (1993), The Nose (1996), and Tattoo (2002). Semmelrogge has also made numerous appearances on German television shows and series, such as Der Alte, SOKO Leipzig and Tatort. In addition to acting, Semmelrogge is also a writer and has published a memoir titled "Vom Goldschmied zum Schauspieler" ("From Goldsmith to Actor").

Martin Semmelrogge was born on December 8, 1955 in Bad Boll, Germany. He began his career as a goldsmith, but later decided to pursue acting. His breakthrough came when he was cast as 2nd Lieutenant Werner in Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot. The film was a critical and commercial success and earned him widespread recognition. Semmelrogge went on to act in several other notable films including Ebbies Bluff (1993) and Straight Shooter (1999). In addition to his work in films, Semmelrogge has also made numerous appearances on German television shows and series. He has won several awards for his performances, including the Grimme-Preis and the Bavarian Film Award. Semmelrogge has also been involved in theater and has performed in productions of plays such as Macbeth and The Threepenny Opera. In recent years, he has focused more on his writing career and has published several books, including his memoir "Vom Goldschmied zum Schauspieler".

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Matthias Jabs

Matthias Jabs (October 25, 1955 Hanover-) also known as Jabs, Matthias is a German musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Michael Obst

Michael Obst (November 30, 1955 Frankfurt-) is a German , .

Michael Obst (November 30, 1955 Frankfurt-) is a German film producer and music supervisor. He began his career in the film industry in the early 1980s, working as an assistant to renowned German director Wim Wenders. Obst has since produced films for a variety of directors, including Pedro Almodóvar and Jim Jarmusch. He was also involved in the music supervision of several films, including "The Big Lebowski" and "Lost in Translation", for which he was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media. In addition to his work in film, Obst is also a co-founder of the European Film Academy and serves on its board of directors.

Apart from working with prominent directors, Michael Obst has also produced a number of successful films such as "Talk to Her" (2002), "Broken Embraces" (2009), and "Only Lovers Left Alive" (2013), among others. He has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including nominations for the Academy Award for Best Picture and the BAFTA Award for Best Film, among others.

Besides his production and music supervision work in film, Obst is also a noted cultural activist, who has been involved in several initiatives to promote cinema and cultural exchange between Europe and the rest of the world. He served as the Vice President of the European Producers Club from 1994 to 2005 and is currently the President of the European Film Academy. In recognition of his contribution to the European film industry, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2010.

As an educator, Obst has been a guest lecturer at several universities and film schools around the world, including the Tisch School of the Arts in New York and the Beijing Film Academy in China. He is also the founder of La Fémis Alumni Association, a networking platform for the graduates of La Fémis, one of the most prestigious film schools in France.

In his personal life, Michael Obst is known to be a private person who prefers to keep his life away from the public eye.

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Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker (January 10, 1955 Sarstedt-) otherwise known as Schenker, Michael or Michael Willy Schenker is a German guitarist, songwriter, record producer and musician.

Discography: The Story of Michael Schenker, Dreams and Expressions, Thank You 3, Thank You 4...., Thank You, The Odd Trio, Thank You 2, Guitar Master: The Kulick Sessions, Adventures of the Imagination and Forever and More - The Best of Michael Schenker. Genres he performed: Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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Roger Willemsen

Roger Willemsen (August 15, 1955 Bonn-) is a German writer, actor, film director, essayist and author.

His discography includes: .

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Andreas Staier

Andreas Staier (September 13, 1955 Göttingen-) a.k.a. Staier, Andreas is a German harpsichordist and pianist.

His albums: Hamburg 1734, Variaciones del Fandango español (harpsichord: Andreas Staier), Salieri/Steffan: Concertos for fortepiano (Concerto Köln feat. fortepiano: Andreas Staier), , Piano Trios, Diabelli Variations, Hamburger Sinfonien Wq 182, 3,4 & 5 / Concerti Wq 165 & 43,4 (Freiburger Barockorchester feat. conductor: Thomas Hengelbrock), Winterreise (feat. tenor: Christoph Prégardien), Impromptus op. 142 / Sonata op. 78 and The Late Piano Sonatas, D 958 - 960.

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Anne Terzibaschitsch

Anne Terzibaschitsch (August 5, 1955 Essen-) is a German , .

Anne Terzibaschitsch is a German composer and pianist. She began playing the piano at a young age and went on to study at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Her compositions have been performed throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and she has received numerous awards for her work. In addition to her career as a composer, Terzibaschitsch is also a sought-after performer and has given concerts around the world. She is known for her unique style that blends elements of classical, jazz, and contemporary music.

Terzibaschitsch was born in Essen, Germany, and began playing the piano at the age of five. She received early musical training from her mother, who was also a pianist. She studied composition and piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where she was awarded the Austrian State Scholarship for her outstanding achievements.

As a composer, Terzibaschitsch's works range from solo piano pieces to orchestral compositions. She has collaborated with various musicians and ensembles, including the Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and the Taipei Chinese Orchestra. Her music has been featured in festivals such as the Carinthian Summer Music Festival in Austria and the Sound of Stockholm festival in Sweden.

Terzibaschitsch has also earned critical acclaim for her performances as a pianist. She has given concerts in major cities such as Vienna, Hamburg, Beijing, and New York, and has been praised for her virtuosity and expressive playing. In 2010, she founded the Anne Terzibaschitsch Music Academy in Vienna, where she teaches students from around the world.

In addition to her musical career, Terzibaschitsch is a visual artist and has exhibited her paintings and sculptures in galleries in Austria and Germany. She has also published several books, including a memoir entitled "Piano Mania: A Life in Music."

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Uli Lenz

Uli Lenz (March 10, 1955 Frankfurt-) a.k.a. Lenz, Uli is a German musician.

His most important albums: Trane's Tree, Tenderness, Art of Duo: Is There a Life After Bradley's?, Walking in the Wind and Good-Bye Venus. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Axel Zwingenberger

Axel Zwingenberger (May 7, 1955 Hamburg-) also known as Zwingenberger, Axel is a German pianist and songwriter.

His albums: Champ's Housewarming, Boogie Back to New York City, Boogie in the Barrelhouse, Boogie Woogie Live!, Power House Boogie, Boogie Woogie Classics, The Boogie Woogie Album, The Boogiemeisters, Groovology and . Genres he performed include Boogie-woogie, Blues and Jazz.

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Gerburg Jahnke

Gerburg Jahnke (January 18, 1955 Oberhausen-) a.k.a. Misfits or Missfits is a German comedian, actor and screenwriter.

As a student, Gerburg Jahnke was highly involved in theatre groups and cultural events. She later became a member of the feminist cabaret group "Lila Eule" and toured with them throughout Germany. In 1985, she co-founded the comedy duo "Missfits" with fellow comedian Stephanie Überall, and they went on to perform in numerous shows and TV programs. Jahnke is also known for her solo comedy performances, one of which won the prestigious German cabaret award "Salzburger Stier" in 1994. Alongside her successful career in comedy, Jahnke has also acted in TV series such as "Tatort" and "Stromberg", and written screenplays for various TV shows and movies. She is highly regarded for her contributions to German comedy and her commitment to promoting and supporting female comedians.

Jahnke's career in comedy spans over four decades, during which she has produced several successful shows, such as "Woran glaubt die Landwirtin, wenn sie den Hasen abschiesst?" and "Heiße Zeiten". In addition to performing live comedy, Jahnke has also produced and directed successful cabaret productions such as "Lachmesse Leipzig" and "Leipziger Lachmesse Spezial". She has also served as a jury member for various comedy competitions such as the "Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis" and "Salzburger Stier". In 2014, Jahnke was awarded the Order of Merit of North Rhine-Westphalia for her contributions to the cultural scene. She continues to be an influential figure in German comedy and remains committed to supporting emerging female comedians.

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Georg Christoph Biller

Georg Christoph Biller (September 20, 1955 Nebra (Unstrut)-) also known as Biller, Georg Christoph or Thomaskantor Georg Christoph Biller is a German musician and actor.

His albums: .

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Carl Carlton

Carl Carlton (April 20, 1955 Westoverledingen-) also known as Karl Walter Ahlerich Buskohl or Buskohl, Karl Walter Ahlerich is a German musician.

His related genres: Blues, Rock music, Americana, Funk and Roots rock.

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