German music stars who deceased at age 24

Here are 7 famous musicians from Germany died at 24:

Friedrich Klausing

Friedrich Klausing (May 24, 1920 Munich-August 8, 1944) was a German personality.

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Gerda Steinhoff

Gerda Steinhoff (January 29, 1922 Gdańsk-July 4, 1946 Biskupia Górka) was a German personality.

She died caused by hanging.

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Georg Heym

Georg Heym (October 30, 1887 Jelenia Góra-January 16, 1912 Berlin) was a German novelist.

He died caused by drowning.

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Rosemarie Nitribitt

Rosemarie Nitribitt (February 1, 1933 Mendig-October 29, 1957 Frankfurt) was a German personality.

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Georg von Rauch

Georg von Rauch (May 12, 1947 Marburg-December 4, 1971 Schöneberg) was a German personality.

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Franz Muller

Franz Muller (October 31, 1840-November 14, 1864) was a German personality.

He died in hanging.

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Wilhelm Hauff

Wilhelm Hauff (November 29, 1802 Stuttgart-November 18, 1827 Stuttgart) a.k.a. Hauff, Wilhelm was a German writer, novelist and poet.

His most well known albums: , , , and .

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