German music stars who deceased at age 37

Here are 4 famous musicians from Germany died at 37:

Theodor Bilharz

Theodor Bilharz (March 23, 1825 Sigmaringen-May 9, 1862 Cairo) also known as Dr. Theodor Bilharz was a German physician.

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (May 31, 1945 Bad Wörishofen-June 10, 1982 Munich) otherwise known as Franz Walsch, R.W. Fassbinder, Rainer W. Fassbinder, Franz Alsch, Franz Walsh or R.W.F. was a German writer, screenwriter, film director, actor, television director, film editor, film producer, voice actor, author, television editor and cinematographer.

He died as a result of drug overdose.

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Thomas Müntzer

Thomas Müntzer (April 5, 1488 Stolberg-May 27, 1525 Mühlhausen) a.k.a. Thomas Münzer was a German personality.

He died in decapitation.

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Helmuth James Graf von Moltke

Helmuth James Graf von Moltke (March 11, 1907 Krzyżowa, Świdnica County-January 23, 1945 Plötzensee Prison) was a German lawyer.

He died caused by capital punishment.

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