German musicians who died due to Alzheimer's disease

Here are 2 famous musicians from Germany died in Alzheimer's disease:

Karlheinz Böhm

Karlheinz Böhm (March 16, 1928 Darmstadt-May 29, 2014 Grödig) also known as Karlheinz Bohm, Carl Boehm, Karl Boehm, Carl Heinz, Carl-Heinz, Karl Böhm, Carl Böhm, Carl Heinz Boehm, Carl-Heinz Boehm, Carl Bohm, Karl Heinz Böhm or Karl-Heinz Böhm was a German actor and voice actor. He had seven children, Katharina Böhm, Nicolas Böhm, Aida Böhm, Kristina Böhm, Sissi Bohm, Michael Bohm and Daniela Böhm.

His albums: , Der Karneval der Tiere, Erzaehler Karlheinz Boehm and .

Karlheinz Böhm began his acting career in German films during the 1950s, but his breakout role was in the film "Peeping Tom" in 1960, directed by Michael Powell. He also starred in "Sissi" and "Sissi: The Young Empress", which were popular in Austria and Germany.

In addition to his acting work, Böhm was also a philanthropist and founder of the charity organization Menschen für Menschen (People for People), which helps people in need in Ethiopia. He devoted much of his time and resources to the organization, even quitting acting for a period to focus on it full-time.

Böhm was married twice, first to German actress Gudula Blau in 1953, with whom he had four children, and then to Swiss actress Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass in 1963, with whom he had three children. He passed away in 2014 at the age of 86 in Grödig, Austria.

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Helmut Zacharias

Helmut Zacharias (January 27, 1920 Berlin-February 28, 2002 Brissago) also known as Zacharias or Der Zaubergeiger (The Magic Violinist) was a German actor, musician, violinist and composer. He had one child, Stephan Zacharias.

His albums include Musik ist mein Leben, The Talking Violin, Light My Fire, Swing Intim, , 2,000,000 Strings, A Violin Sings and I Got Rhythm. Genres he performed: Jazz and Classical music.

Helmut Zacharias was a child prodigy, and started playing the violin at the age of two. By the time he was six, he was performing in public. He studied music in Berlin and quickly became a well-known violinist, known for his innovative techniques and extraordinary virtuosity.

During World War II, Zacharias played in the Luftwaffe orchestra, and after the war, he began performing in hotels, nightclubs, and on cruise ships. His performances were popular and in demand, and he began recording albums and making appearances on television shows.

Zacharias' music was a unique blend of classical and jazz, and he wasn't afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles. He was innovative in his use of the violin, introducing electronics and effects to his recordings.

In addition to his musical career, Zacharias also acted in a number of films and television shows. He was known for his dashing good looks and charming personality, and was a beloved figure in Germany and beyond.

Zacharias continued to perform and record music until his death in 2002. He left behind a legacy of innovative and groundbreaking music, and is still celebrated as one of the greatest violinists of all time.

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