Greek movie stars died at 53

Here are 1 famous actresses from Greece died at 53:

Katerina Gogou

Katerina Gogou (June 1, 1940 Athens-October 3, 1993 Exarcheia) also known as Kaiti Gogou or Ketty Gogou was a Greek poet, artist, actor and author. She had one child, Myrto Gogou.

She died caused by suicide.

Katerina Gogou was known for her experimental poetry and her unconventional lifestyle. She was an active participant in the countercultural and anarchist movements of Greece during the 1960s and 1970s. Her poetry was often characterized by its raw emotional content and its political themes.

Gogou was also a well-known performer, having appeared in several films and television shows. She was known for her distinctive voice and her ability to captivate an audience.

Despite her success as a poet and performer, Gogou struggled with addiction and mental health issues throughout her life. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent time in psychiatric hospitals.

In the years leading up to her death, Gogou became increasingly reclusive and struggled to maintain her artistic output. On October 3, 1993, she took her own life by jumping from the balcony of her apartment in the Exarcheia neighborhood of Athens. Her death was a shock to her friends and fans, who remembered her as a bold and daring artist who pushed the boundaries of Greek poetry and culture.

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