Greek movie stars died at 60

Here are 1 famous actresses from Greece died at 60:

Tzeni Karezi

Tzeni Karezi (January 12, 1932 Athens-July 27, 1992 Athens) also known as Evgenia Karpouzi, Jenny, Jenny Karezi, Eygenia Karpoyzi or Evgenia Karpouzis was a Greek actor. She had one child, Konstantinos Kazakos.

She died in cancer.

Tzeni Karezi was one of the most prominent and beloved performers in the history of Greek cinema. She appeared in over 40 films during her career, which spanned from the 1950s to the 1980s. Some of her most well-known roles include the lead in the film "To Koritsi Me Ta Spirta", which won Best Film at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1961. She also had success on stage, appearing in several popular theatrical productions throughout her career.

In addition to her work in entertainment, Karezi was also known for her philanthropy. She was involved in several charitable causes, including efforts to improve conditions for the poor and to raise awareness about cancer. She was a strong advocate for cancer research, and her battle with the disease helped to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved in the fight against cancer.

Karezi's impact on Greek cinema and culture continues to be felt today. She is remembered as a talented and inspiring performer who brought joy and entertainment to audiences throughout her career. Her legacy is celebrated by fans and colleagues alike, and she remains a beloved icon of Greek cinema.

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