Greek musicians died at 56

Here are 3 famous musicians from Greece died at 56:

Takis Kanellopoulos

Takis Kanellopoulos (October 26, 1933 Thessaloniki-September 21, 1990) also known as Takis Kanelopoulos was a Greek screenwriter and film director.

Kanellopoulos was known for his distinctive style and his poetic approach to filmmaking. He directed several films, including "The Red Lanterns" (1963), "The Rising Generation" (1969), and "Gardens of Stone" (1982). He is considered one of the most important directors of the Greek New Wave. Kanellopoulos was also a writer and journalist, who contributed to various magazines and newspapers in Greece. He was married to actress Ellie Lambeti, with whom he collaborated on several films. In addition to his film work, Kanellopoulos was also an active member of the Greek Communist Party and was imprisoned several times for his political activism. Despite his relatively short career, Kanellopoulos made a significant impact on Greek cinema and is remembered as a visionary filmmaker.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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George II of Greece

George II of Greece (July 20, 1890 Tatoi Palace-April 1, 1947 Athens) also known as George II was a Greek personality.

George II of Greece was the eldest son of King Constantine I of Greece. He became the king of Greece in 1922 after his father was forced to abdicate the throne. George's reign was marked by political turmoil and the effects of the Great Depression. He was forced to flee Greece during World War II when the country was occupied by Nazi Germany. George II returned to Greece in 1946 after the war but was faced with a leftist uprising. He died the following year at the age of 56. Despite the challenges of his reign, George II was a beloved figure in Greece and is remembered for his efforts to modernize and reform the country.

He died caused by arteriosclerosis.

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Mihalis Souyoul

Mihalis Souyoul (April 5, 2015 Aydın-October 16, 1958 Athens) also known as Michalis Souyioul, Michalis Souyioultzoglou or Michail Suyul was a Greek film score composer. He had four children, Thanos Souyioultzoglou, Maria Souyioultzoglou, Iro Souyioultzoglou and Aliki Souyioultzoglou.

Souyoul was born in Aydın, Turkey, to a family of Greek descent. He studied music in Smyrna and after the destruction of the city during the Greco-Turkish War, he settled in Athens in 1922. Souyoul went on to compose music for more than 100 Greek films throughout his career. One of his most famous compositions is the theme song for the film "To Vals Tou Gamou" (The Wedding Waltz), which is still popular in Greece today. Souyoul also collaborated with notable Greek film directors such as Alekos Sakellarios, Nikos Tsiforos, and Grigoris Grigoriou. He is credited with modernizing and bringing new sounds into Greek film music, which was heavily influenced by traditional Greek music at the time. Souyoul passed away in Athens in 1958 at the age of 63.

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